The Raiders Should Cut Garcia Now To Avoid QB Controversey

Ramone BrownSenior Writer IAugust 9, 2009

Lately within the Raiders organization there have been flashes of QB controversy. There are a select few Raider fans calling for Garcia to start over Russell. This has mainly been caused by media pundits and a few of the fans that have been blinded by the media's talking heads.

But in all reality, how Russell and Garcia actually compare, one is much better than the other.

In order to come to a decision lets take a look at the Raiders QBs past seasons.

First Jeff Garcia, a nearly 40-year-old veteran QB, has limited arm strength but still possesses decent mobility for his age

Born in Gilroy, he attended San Jose State and even played for that team across the bridge. Heres a look at his stats last year: 2,712 yards passing, 12 TDs, 23 sacks, 6 INTs, 12 games played, 90.2 QB rating, 7.2 yards per completion and a 64.9 completion percentage.

JaMarcus Russell: 6'6'', 265-pound QB about to start his third year out of LSU. Born in Alabama, he has tremendous physical ability and is quite mobile for his size, he is much like a QB in a tight-end's body.

Last year his stats were pretty unimpressive: In 15 games he threw for 2,423 yards, 13 TDs, 8 INTs, 6.6 yards for pass, 31 sacks and a 77.1 QB rating.

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Currently there are quite a few knocks on Garcia: First last year he missed four games due to a calf injury. This year the injury has resurfaced during non-contact drills. Wow, this elderly QB is starting to look pretty fragile. I wonder how he will make it through a game let alone contact practice drills.

Then there's the constant distractions Garcia has been causing this offseason. No matter how many times Cable states that there is no QB controversey, Garcia finds it necesarry to go against the team's best interests and opens his mouth to the media. This can only hurt the team and shows Garcia is not on the same page as the coaching staff.

Next is his questionable arm strength. At 6', 205 he is an average sized man. But football is a sport of the above average. Garcia's lack of arm strength may negate the speed of our offense and his lack of height may hinder his vision.

Also if you chart Garcia's production over the years it has been on a downward trend. At 39, how much more can this guy have left in him? I would say not much more.

Now onto the negatives on JaMarcus Russell.

First his attitude. He has been said to have a very laid back attitude and many even question whether he even cares about the game anymore.

Some will say he is acting like a thug or a diva because of his pregame attire including fur coats, loads of jewlery and designer glasses. Others cite the entourage he is often seen with locally or in his hometown or a few photos that have surfaced of him having a good time.

Guess what, the laid back attitude, it's called confidence. His attire and entourage? Come on. Give nearly any black (or even white) male in his early to mid 20s a $60 million contract you will see the same thing.

Then there's the beleif that he is just to stupid to play QB in the NFL. That could not be further from the truth. At least not according to any of his former coaches and the wonderlic test in which he scored a solid 24.

Also look at the offense he led in LSU which implemented both spread and pro-set formations. Tell me that is not complicated as hell.

Then the reports that Jamarcus Russell is fat. Reports have had him at 300-plus or 270-plus. In college he played at 265. In a recent interview Russell said, "I may be a little heavy."

What does that mean? Well it means exactly what he said: he may be a little heavy. Two-seventy-plus no way. But give him a break, its the offseason and why wouldn't you expect a player, at any position, to play heavier at the next level.

So is there even a point for this rant? Yes.

Heres what I think the Raiders should do.

The Raiders need to cut Garcia NOW in order to avoid a QB controversey.

Why might you ask? Simple.

Garcia was brought in to mentor and push JaMarcus to get the best out of him and to act as a backup in case Russell goes down.

Garcia has done his job and been a huge distraction in the process. He has even pushed Russell to the point of hosting his own private passing camp. Garcia's services are no longer required.

Having a solid backup who only causes distractions is not beneficial to the team. Garcia's job is to hold a clipboard. Charlie Frye and Gradkowski can do that just as well if not better.

If Garcia remains on the team as soon as we face our first loss BSPN, NFL Network and every radio talk show will be lining up to interview Garcia. When this happens Garcia will be quick to throw JaMarcus and the Oakland Raiders under the bus, likely declaring himself the deserving starter.

This will only split Raider Nation and maybe even the locker room.

Also, dumping Garcia now will allow backup QBs Frye and Gradkowski to get the most reps possible in case Russell does go down.

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