Once Known As The Rainbow Warriors, How Can Hawaii's Coach Talk About The Irish?

Colin LinneweberSenior Writer IAugust 4, 2009

GAINESVILLE, FL - AUGUST 30:  Head coach Greg McMackin of the Hawaii Warriors sends in signals during the game against the Florida Gators at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium on August 30, 2008 in Gainesville, Florida.  (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)

University of Hawaii football coach Greg McMackin was suspended for 30 days without pay this past weekend after he used a slur generally targeted at gays to describe Notre Dame’s chant before last December’s Hawaii Bowl.

In the aforementioned contest, the Irish destroyed the Warriors 49-21 on Christmas Eve to finally win their first bowl game since the 1993 season.

However, instead of providing Notre Dame and their players with proper praise for their shire domination, McMackin went on a bizarre tangent against the Irish and their head coach, Charlie Weis, Thursday at the Western Athletic Conference (WAC) football preview in Salt Lake City.

“The night before the game, Charlie gave this talk, and he goes, ‘Any Notre Dame fans in here?’” McMackin, 64, said as he recounted a banquet the evening prior to the bowl game. “He had his guys, ‘We do something special at Notre Dame,’ he said, and they do this little cheer, like this, this faggot little dance. So, my guys are looking at me and they are all trying not to laugh.”

McMackin, who has coached in both the professional and collegiate ranks and led the Warriors to a 7-7 record last season, proceeded to use the offensive term two more times.

After he was officially suspended, McMackin appeared before the media and wailed inconsolably like a clown pocket as he profusely apologized for his derogatory remarks.

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“I was only trying to make a joke,” sniveled the subpar leader of men who was often seen wearing a leis last year while coaching on the sidelines.

Weis said McMackin “demonstrated poor judgment.” Still, the portly Weis accepted McMackin’s mea culpa.

McMackin will continue to coach the Warriors henceforth as a volunteer and he personally offered to take a seven percent pay reduction in his salary for the upcoming season.

McMackin seemed to be genuinely remorseful for the hurtful comments that he uttered and he is entitled to be forgiven for his mistake.

Nevertheless, how can anyone affiliated with the University of Hawaii possibly have the audacity to make gay slurs of any kind whatsoever toward another program?

Notre Dame has won eight national championships in their illustrious history and they own the second highest winning percentage in NCAA history (.736).

The University of Hawaii has never once won a national crown and they have captured a measly three conference titles in the feeble WAC.

Furthermore, the Warriors helmet prominently featured a rainbow logo on its sides for 22 years, and they were hailed as the Rainbow Warriors until the university mercifully abbreviated their name in 2000 due to pressure from their student-athletes.

"That rainbow logo really put a stigma on our program at times," athletic director Hugh Yoshida said in a radio interview shortly after the name and logo changes. "It's part of the gay community, their flags and so forth. Some of the student athletes had some feelings in regard to that."

Everything reported in the media about George McMackin has indicated that he is a decent man who made horrible remarks.

Still, McMackin mocking the Irish while he coaches at the University of Hawaii is akin to a midget poking fun at a munchkin for being too short.



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