Why This Year's BCS Title Winner Might Get a Broken Trophy

Larry BurtonSenior Writer IJuly 30, 2009

Let's face it, the BCS committee has been pretty lucky so far in not having too many undefeated teams enter the bowl season.

Attrition usually worked things out without having too many people fuss to hard about the final outcome.

This could be year when the winner receives a trophy that's not quite rightwhere pieces of belong in other places. This could be the year that trouble brews, and a champion is not popular with a great portion of the country.

Looking over the landscape of college football right now, there could be four teams or more with a legitimate shot of going undefeated.

So what happens if an undefeated Penn State rolls into the Rose Bowl against and undefeated USC? This could happen, and the winner would not be the BCS Champion.

If an undefeated SEC team meets an undefeated Oklahoma, then the winner of this game would be crowned champion.

Right now, it's looking like the winner of the SEC Championship would get that matchup with Oklahoma, so Alabama or Florida will fight it out once again for that half of the equation.

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And what about Boise State? They look to go undefeated as well.

And if Georgia Tech can get things rolling by the end of the year, the Yellow Jackets could conceivably also go undefeated. I don't see Virginia Tech getting past Alabama or Georgia Tech.

So, who would really be champion if say after bowl season there are still three or four undefeated teams?

Of course, the BCS crystal ball would go to the winner of the BCS game, but you can just hear the screams from fans and even the media should their undefeated team go home an "also ran."

I can see President Obama offering to step in and "fix" the system. Mr. President, we've seen how you "fixed" things in Chicago. It's the place where dead men don't just vote, they vote twice!

With all due respect, Mr. President, please keep your hands off my health insurance and my college football's future.

Let's hope it just magically works out again this year, but this is a system that is headed for disaster one day, and it could be this season.

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