Top 10 Reasons Why College Fantasy Football Trumps the Pro Game

Todd at CollegeFootballGeek.comCorrespondent IJuly 30, 2009

College fantasy football is growing at a rapid pace.  The Supreme Court opened the door for media giants to use college player names in fantasy, and the cross-over from the pro game has begun.

Here are 10 reasons why college fantasy trumps the pro game.

10. Fresh faces.  Brett Favre has been on the fantasy radar for 17 years.  Seventeen years!  New blood means new story-lines, new potential, and new debate.  Reggie Bush and Matt Leinart’s bravado graduate and Tim Tebow’s sanctimoniousness enters.

9. Overtime Madness.  Thanks to the wacky OT rules in the college game, your QB can turn a pedestrian 250 yard, 2 TD performance into a 325 yard, 5 TD jackpot in the matter of about 20 minutes!

8. Scouting.  Get a head start on your NFL fantasy leagues by watching more college ball.  Guys like Ben Roethlisberger, Matt Forte and Greg Jennings were household names in college fantasy way before they popped up on the NFL radar.  Discover tomorrow’s NFL stars, today!

7. Variety of offense.  Let’s face it, the NFL is a snooze-fest.  You have the West Coast offense, that shotgun thing Tom Brady runs, and that’s about it.  College offers the triple option, spread option, Pistol, Cock n’ Fire, five-wide, and that ‘Basketball on Turf’ the Red Raiders run.  Watching college fantasy players perform beats the hell out of Jamal Lewis’ 3.1 ypc.

6. Much deeper talent pool.  You have 120 teams to choose from! The NFL has 32 teams, with a handful of pass-happy teams, and a whole lot of offensive mediocrity.  In college the options are plentiful from the gunning of Texas Tech, to Connecticut’s smash mouth style, to Georgia Tech’s option offense.

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5. No league is the same.  In college fantasy, you have All-FBS leagues, BCS-only leagues, conference only leagues, Top 20 leagues, or custom variations.  Playing in multiple leagues actually makes sense!

4. Rediscover how much fun a fantasy football draft can be. In NFL fantasy, you can predict the Top 30 players off the board, almost to a T.  In college fantasy, draft boards will vary greatly from player to player—and site to site.  College fantasy football drafts are wildly unpredictable, which makes your preparation much more interesting.

3.  More scoring = more entertaining. Last year, 36 college teams averaged 30+ PPG.  In fact, 10 college teams averaged more than 40 PPG (Oklahoma’s PPG was 51.1)!  Care to guess how many NFL teams averaged 30 PPG last year?  ZERO. 

And that 2007 Patriots “best NFL offense ever” squad averaged a measly 36.8.  A dozen college teams top that PPG each year.

2.  Games every night of the week! Thanks to the four-letter network and a bunch of lower-tier conferences looking for exposure, you’ll find games on the tube Wednesday through Saturday.  All season long.  Suddenly, that Miami(OH)-Bowling Green matchup on ESPN8 becomes very appealing!

1. Running it up / Style Points.  There’s no better feeling than watching your star running back bowl over South Carolina State A&M at Kingsford defenders in the fourth quarter.  In the pros, a win is a win, but there are style points to consider in the college world.  Urban Meyer and Mike Stoops will do just about anything to impress the pollsters.

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