Thursday Thoughts on the SEC and Putting Tall Tales to Rest

Larry BurtonSenior Writer IJuly 29, 2009

Tim Tebow is a virgin?  Didn't Brittany Spears used to say that too? 

Hey everyone knows about Tebow's background and upbringing and I think he's telling us the truth and I admire him for his stand and his honesty.

But seriously, I think with all the tail being thrown at him, a man can only take so much.

Therefore, the story that Tim Tebow will either be laid by the end of the season or spontaneously combust from all the testosterone being built up is true.

I wrote an article about the five scariest guys in the SEC and put Trindon Holliday from LSU on that list. The guy's about as close to a Speedy Gonzalez as I've ever seen. (No short joke intended)

Then people started posting that Demps from Florida could call his house from a pay phone and run home before it rang twice and answer it.

People! You've got Tebow and Brandon Spikes, you don't have to make up tales about Demps.

All I know is Holliday has posted a time done with NCAA stop watches right at 10 seconds flat. That's faster than I've seen a certified time on Demps.

Houston Nutt may not to be the model that most people have in their minds as a championship coach. He gets teams close but never closes the deal.

A lot of people are picking Ole Miss to win the West this year. Even more are picking Nutt to fail once again with the expectations so high.

Everybody who says Nutt can't win it all needs to be reminded that everyone who won their first championship had never done it before.

Nutt has some measure of consistency in his ability to field a good team year after year. Can it be too far a stretch for him to paste 12 games together?

I don't think he's a guy doomed for failure every time things are looking good. 

Speaking of men and teams with lowered expectations, let's not leave out Vanderbilt.

Word around the internet is that Vandy has gone to a bowl game and now they won't be heard from again for another 25 years.

Don't believe it.

If anybody can maintain the momentum that slowly, oh so slowly been building at Vanderbilt, it's Bobby Johnson.

I can't be a bigger fan of him.  All action, no talk, no headlines for misbehaving players, no trouble with the NCAA and he has built them into winners for the first time in a quarter century.

The next time somebody makes fun of Vandy, remind them that this is not your father or grandfather's Vandy team anymore.

Florida is a great team riding the wave of great recruiting and a coach at the peak of his ability to get the most from a team. They will be unstoppable this year.


Somebody forgot to tell Ole Miss that last year and I'm sure Alabama is looking for a rematch.

Florida recovered to ride the emotion of their quarterback who vowed to play each game after that, one to the best of his ability and not allow his team to fail.

But they failed to have that emotion at least once last year, and I think it can happen again.

Florida is ripe to be picked off.

The old saying is winning the second championship back-to-back with the first is twice as hard as winning the first. 

I think Florida is ripe for a fall due to complacency, entitlement and maybe even an injury or two to a key player.

And lastly, the last tall tale I want to put to bed is about Lane Kiffin. 

I have been accused of being a Kiffin hater and I'm not. He's very amusing and makes covering Tennessee fun.

Some feel that I think Kiffin is the dumbest man in the SEC and I want to go on record to all the Tennessee fans out there and say that isn't true and I will argue any man who says he is.

Mike Hamilton is.

Until next Thursday, I want to remind you that the comments and opinions of this article do not reflect the views of Bleacher Report, CBSSports.com or any reputable source, that no filler or meat by-products were added to this story and as always no fish were harmed in the making of this story.


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