2009 College Football Preview: Where's My Award?

Rick GillispieCorrespondent IIJuly 27, 2009

DETROIT - DECEMBER 5:  Wide Receiver Naaman Roosevelt #18 of the Buffalo Bulls runs the ball against the Ball State Cardinals during the MAC Championship game on December 5, 2008 at Ford Field in Detroit Michigan. (Photo by: Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

In all the talk about preseason awards like Preseason All Americans, I have never heard anyone say anything about the little guy. Everybody talks about the big guys not the guys from smaller schools or should I say non-BCS schools.

During the Bowl season last year, I remember hearing about this freshman receiver who broke his leg in a game. When the were discussing his stats I was in awe that I had never heard of him. The player was DeAndre Brown from Southern Miss.

Well I didn’t think any more of it until the useless preseason All American list came out. I couldn’t find him; three teams of receivers and no Brown. I decided to look into this and noticed that a lot of great receivers from small schools were missing.

This is a link of DeAndre Brown’s bowl game injury.

Some of the players missing were: Naaman Roosevelt (Buffalo), Emmanuel Sanders (SMU), Aldrick Robinson (SMU), Ryan Wolfe (UNLV), and even one from a big school Brandon Banks (Kansas St). Now trust me there are tons more than I listed here.

I have read plenty of articles on B/R about preseason awards and I agree they are bull sh*t awards. We know not all coaches even select their own ballots for their conference (Hey Steve).

My problem with the system is if you are going to give awards recognize some of the smaller schools too. If fans actually looked at Naaman Roosevelt’s numbers, they would be amazed. Roosevelt had 104 catches 1402 yards, and 13 touchdowns last season. If this guy isn’t an All-American, then I don’t know who is.

Here is a link to a good article about Naaman Roosevelt from another writer here at B/R,  also a link of Naaman Roosevelt game against Temple.

I know all of you statistics hounds out there will talk about how he played against week competition. Well let’s make some comparisons shall we.

Dez Bryant (Oklahoma State) 87-1480-19 average pass defense played against was 95th.

Naaman Roosevelt (Buffalo) 104-1402-13 average pass defense played against was 64th.

DeAndre Brown (Southern Miss) 67-1117-12 average pass defense played against was 70th.

Now I am not saying Roosevelt or Brown are better than Bryant. I am just trying to show that there are good players from smaller schools out there who have the talent to play with the big boys.

A casual fan who might watch let’s say the SEC and watch a little of ESPN will know who Juilo Jones, A.J.Green, Bryant or Jordan Shipley are. Heck they have watched them play in games. Ask that same fan about Roosevelt, Brown, Wolfe, Robinson, or Sanders.

Trust me, they won't have a clue about these guys. I know smaller schools don’t get the same TV coverage as the big schools, but when it comes to awards, it’s about the best player, not what schools they attend.

Well when you are waiting for your team to come on the TV and have nothing better to do watch a Buffalo, Southern Miss, UNLV, or SMU game this year and check these guys out.


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