2009 College Football Season: Thoughts From the Throne

Rick GillispieCorrespondent IIJuly 23, 2009

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I had a revelation as I sat on my throne, its 41 days till the start of the season.

So many questions to ask and so many surprises will be in store for the fan.

Everybody has Florida No. 1 with Texas, Oklahoma and USC in some order behind them.

Will the SEC win again?

I read through the pages of the Sporting News magazine trying to learn as much as possible about the upcoming season.

Oops, just had a thought. I should put a TV in front of my throne to never miss any action, no worries at least I have TiVo.

So many games to watch, man I can’t wait.

As, I stew over who will the Big 10, think about this what would Notre Dame gain by joining them.

Ok enough with the Brain exercises. This could be a very great year or another sad story of why the BCS is bad.

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I see four teams going undefeated into the final BCS rankings: Florida, Texas, Ohio State, and Virginia Tech.

Now the chances of this happening are slim to none but if it did happen what a mess we would have.

Florida would play Texas for the title while Ohio St would play USC again. Virginia Tech would be stuck playing Pittsburgh in the Orange Bowl.

Hold on!

Man that was a rough one.

Ok enough with all the negative talk, man 41 days till football got to love it.

Well till next time from the throne: Peace, Love and the SEC

Damn, I forget to get toilet paper.


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