Boise State Defensive Tackle Arrested: Will Bacon Play in Bronco Opener?

Lace BanachekAnalyst IJuly 23, 2009

Michael “Canadian Bacon” Atkinson was the talk of last season's Bronco redshirt squad as he dominated at every given opportunity, being tagged as redshirt player of the year. With the graduation of a few good defensive stars, i.e., Kyle Gingg, it was ever so important for someone or two, if you will, to step up and make their presence known.

Well, a couple of defensive performers have done just that. Walk-on J.C. Percy and the 320-pound defensive tackle Canadian Bacon. Well, barring unforeseen circumstance, J.C. will be game ready, but whether Bacon will be is now up to coach Pete.

In the early morning hours this July 22, 20-year-old Michael was arrested for a DUI and leaving the scene of an accident. Bacon struck a barrier and fled when he noticed a witness approach. Michael was found a few blocks away from where he left the car he was driving at Vista and Canal.

Atkinson was arrested, booked, and within a few hours released from jail. The damage has been done. The jokes of Atkinson wearing all orange jumpsuits have been made. But all joking aside, this was a serious problem—not for the courts, for both charges are misdemeanors.

Albeit, Bronco fans know that their coach, Chris Petersen, will not take this lightly. Regardless of how well coach appreciates the talents of players he is known to discipline players not allowing them to play in important games, suspending players up to a season, and dismissing players altogether.

Bronco fans also know that Chris Petersen will not give any more information on this situation than he feels is necessary. What is highly expected is that Bacon will not be allowed to play in the season opener with the Ducks of Oregon (A game where his presence is extremely needed).

The loss of a quality player against a quality team like the Ducks is obviously damaging. One would hope that these young kids who are fortunate enough to win scholarships would feel indebted to their team (team first attitude) and six weeks from game day they would be practicing extremely hard to better their play not doing behavior that demotes their play.

Bronco fans will forgive you Michael (cause the only one you hurt was yourself), take your discipline (whether one game or one season), forgive yourself (because that’s healthy), and get on to being a Bronco ('cause Bronco fans really like you and you have potential for a good future).

Go Broncos.


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