The Unstoppable Force Of Mount Union College

Jesse MeadeContributor IJuly 21, 2009

Here's an easy question to answer: "Who's the most dominant program in college football?"

Southern California? Please... They've won two national titles since 2003.

What about Florida? Three titles in 12 seasons is a pretty good mark, right?

Not even close.

If you want to find the most dominating program in America, you have to travel far from the beaches of Florida, the glamour of LA, the swamps of the bayou and out of the shadow of Touchdown Jesus.

In fact, in order to see it for yourself, you'll have to travel to tiny Alliance, Ohio.  It's the home of the Mount Union Purple Raiders—the dominating force of NCAA Division III football.

I can hear a couple of you laughing while reading this, scoffing at the Division III label, and that's OK. It won't take a lot of effort on my part to convince you. I'll just let the numbers speak for themselves. 

Entering the 2009 season, the Raiders have won 10 national titles.

What's that you say? Michigan and Notre Dame have won 11? Perhaps I should mention that all of Mount Union's National Championships have come since 1993. 

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That's just 15 seasons ago.

This means that since 1993, Mount Union has won the championship two out of every three seasons while playing in 12 of the last 15 title games. During that time the Raiders and their head coach Larry Kehres have posted a record of 245-11-1.


The Purple Raiders have won 95.3% of all of the games they have played since 1993.

Mount Union has not failed to win the Ohio Athletic Conference title since 1992, much to the devastation of their conference-mates.

Kehres has engineered an unstoppable juggernaut.  The Raiders are also the owners of both of the two longest winning streaks in college football history at 54 wins (1997-99) and 55 wins (2000-03). 


The record for most points in a quarter belongs to Mount at 52 against Averett College (2007).

Mount Union is also home to the two most dominating offensive players in NCAA history.

Greg Micheli (2005-08) finished his career with a blistering 197.0 quarterback rating, making him the most efficient QB who has ever played football statistically. The record previously belonged to, you guessed it, Mount Union Alum Bill Borchert (1994-97) at a little over 194. Micheli finished his career with 81 touchdowns to just nine interceptions.

Mind numbing, isn't it?

Mount Union also is home to Nate Kmic, a running back who has rushed for more yards than any player in college football history with 8,074 yards and has scored more rushing touchdowns than any player at 125.

Did I mention Kmic holds the all-time single season rushing record as well?

His 2,790 yards last season set the all-time mark ahead of NFL legend Barry Sanders and Danny Woodhead.  His 14 games of over 200 yards rushing place him ahead of Marcus Allen, Ricky Williams and Ron Dayne's 11 games.

Has your head stopped spinning? If it has, I'd encourage you to read this article over one more time as it takes a couple of tries to let it all sink in. 

If you want what most people think is dominance, then you can keep your USC's and Florida's.  I'll keep my Mount Union.

We'll meet in the record books.


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