Mitch's Apology To Ohio State Fans

Mitch Wilson@sportschatplaceSenior Writer IJuly 21, 2009

I'm sorry some of you aren't better at reading comprehension and can't differentiate between an article tagged opinion or history from one tagged with breaking news or the like.

I'm sorry you feel the need to use vulgarities, racism, bigotry, and other unacceptable behavior to dispute facts about your football team.

I'm sorry your athletic department has the most violations since 2000.

I'm sorry that no one in the Ohio State Athletic Department or Football Program has even a shred of accountability.

I'm sorry your team continues to restock itself with players who have run-ins with the law and most recently a drug addict.

I'm sorry your coaches can't figure out that there is a pretty big difference between a kid getting caught with 20 grams of marijuana and a guy who took a hit of pot at a party.

I'm sorry that you are forced to think that a reduction to a misdemeanor from a felony means it isn't illegal.

I'm sorry you think selling tickets and showing up in other cities is a more fitting criteria in determining the most deserving team than actual wins.

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I'm sorry a portion of your fan base is an embarrassment to your once fine and proud institution.

I'm sorry that you are so delusional to think that winning one National Championship in 40 years is the mark of an elite program.

I'm sorry your football coach has no memory of what happened five minutes ago, if it was something negative.

I'm sorry you have been forced into a situation where winning a few football game and generating money from sports far supersedes your desire to be an elite academic institution.

I sorry you feel the need to make things up about other people.

I'm sorry you are too lazy to look up words like slander in the dictionary before using them.

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