NFL Report Cards: Team-by-Team Grades for Week 2

Michael Schottey@SchotteyNFL National Lead WriterSeptember 16, 2014

NFL Report Cards: Team-by-Team Grades for Week 2

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    Chargers QB Philip Rivers
    Chargers QB Philip RiversDENIS POROY/Associated Press

    Paradigms are meant to be shattered.

    The Seattle Seahawks were an A+ team after Week 1. This fit many preconceived notions about the reigning Super Bowl champions. Heading into a Week 2 road game against the San Diego Chargers, the Seahawks had a swagger that befit the phrase, "It ain't bragging if you can back it up."

    Chargers win, 30-21.

    The Chargers are a good team this season, and it's not that surprising that they beat the Seahawks at home, but this is a reminder that the NFL operates on the maxim of "Any Given Sunday." Yes, there are traditional powerhouses, and your power rankings are still allowed, but even the lowliest teams in the NFL can take one of the best behind the woodshed from time to time.

    There are no cupcakes.

    There are no divisional universities.

    For our grading purposes, this is important because it highlights the fact that a bad grade is not a season-long condemnation of a team, nor is a good grade any sort of prognostication that said team will continue to do well.

    A grade is a grade, just that—a subjective review of the team's effort and production on the field.

    Criteria for Grading

    —Coaching decisions and how a team performs on offense, defense and special teams.

    —The caliber of opponent the team was facing.

    —The atmosphere the performance was played in: at home, away, weather, etc.

    Not Considered in Grades

    —Excuses. I grade the team on the field, not the ideal team that could have been out there without injuries, suspensions, etc.

    —Expectations. If everyone picked your favorite team to lose and it won, that doesn't mean it gets an A+.

    —Results. A team can look really bad and win a game, while another team can look awfully great in defeat. While it's true that winners will often trend higher than losers from week to week, that doesn't mean all of the winners get good grades while the losers get D's or F's.

    Each team also gets a "game ball" and a "game goat" to clue you in to some of the things that went into the assessment of the team. Many will be obvious to those who watched the game, but some will require a deep dive into the stats or film.

    Starting this week, each team also gets a cumulative grade, averaging grades from Week 1 and Week 2. This will be a running metric all season long.

    On to the grades!

Arizona Cardinals (2-0)

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    Cardinals QB Drew Stanton
    Cardinals QB Drew StantonUSA TODAY Sports

    Week 2 Outcome: Def. New York Giants 25-14

    Game Ball: Ted Ginn Jr., WR

    Game Goat: Jerraud Powers, DB

    Quarterback Drew Stanton performed admirably in Carson Palmer's absence, but he loses game-ball honors to Ginn, who broke things open on a 71-yard punt return touchdown that gave the Cardinals a lead they never relinquished. The offense was never going to make the plays that Palmer's arm gives it the capability to do, so special teams had to chip in.

    Much like last week with the Detroit Lions, it's pretty difficult to pick a clear goat against the Giants when Cardinals simply outclassed them, but Powers gave up five receptions for 80 yards and a whole lot of yards after catch.

    Week 2 Grade: B

    2014 Cumulative: B+

    Week 3 Opponent: San Francisco 49ers (Home)

Atlanta Falcons (1-1)

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    Falcons QB Matt Ryan
    Falcons QB Matt RyanAndy Lyons/Getty Images

    Week 2 Outcome: Lost to Cincinnati Bengals 24-10

    Game Ball: Paul Worrilow, LB

    Game Goat: Matt Ryan, QB (Pictured Above)

    Worrilow racked up 14 tackles in the loss and has consistently been all over the field for the Falcons this season. An undrafted player, it's important to note how positive he's been for a Falcons defense that has been very porous two weeks in a row.

    The bigger problem in Week 2, however, was Ryan. Coming off one of the best games of his career against the Saints in Week 1, Ryan threw three interceptions and managed only 5.3 yards per attempt.

    Week 2 Grade: D

    2014 Cumulative: C+ 

    Week 3 Opponent: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Home)

Baltimore Ravens (1-1)

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    Ravens WR Steve Smith
    Ravens WR Steve SmithGail Burton/Associated Press

    Week 2 Outcome: Def. Pittsburgh Steelers 26-6

    Game Ball: Jeremy Zuttah, C

    Game Goat: Dennis Pitta, TE

    This was a game won in the trenches, and numerous defensive linemen could have received game-ball honors (including end Haloti Ngata, who had a great interception). I also considered wide receiver Steve Smith (pictured above), who had a fantastic game outshining Pittsburgh's cornerbacks.

    Zuttah, however, had Steelers nose Cam Thomas on his heels all day. It set a tone for the offense (and team as a whole) that gave them an edge late in the game, as the Steelers had simply had enough.

    A goat pick was nearly impossible, but I'm picking on Pitta, who is losing a lot of snaps, targets and touchdowns to fellow tight end Owen Daniels. It's not a huge issue, but it's something to keep an eye on, as Pitta should be feasting in this offensive scheme.

    Week 2 Grade: A

    2014 Cumulative: B+ 

    Week 3 Opponent: Cleveland Browns (Road)

Buffalo Bills (2-0)

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    Bills WR Sammy Watkins
    Bills WR Sammy WatkinsBill Wippert/Associated Press

    Week 2 Outcome: Def. Miami Dolphins 29-10

    Game Ball: Sammy Watkins, WR (Pictured Above)

    Game Goat: Fred Jackson, RB

    Break up the Bills!

    I could've given the game ball to QB EJ Manuel, who is working his way toward proving a lot of doubters wrong now that the Bills are 2-0. It could've gone to running back C.J. Spiller as well, not only for his 69 yards rushing, but more importantly for his 102-yard kickoff return touchdown. Kicker Dan Carpenter had himself a day as well with five (albeit shorter) field goals.

    Instead, the rookie Watkins gets his breakout moment with 117 yards receiving and a touchdown.

    Jackson ran the ball 12 times for only 24 yards, but when you remember he had an 11-yard run, it makes the whole thing look even worse. He got little help from the interior of the offensive line. That crew could've been goats as well.

    Week 2 Grade: B+

    2014 Cumulative: B+

    Week 3 Opponent: San Diego Chargers (Home)

Carolina Panthers (2-0)

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    Panthers LB Luke Kuechly
    Panthers LB Luke KuechlyMIKE MCCARN/Associated Press

    Week 2 Outcome: Def. Detroit Lions 24-7

    Game Ball: Luke Kuechly, LB (Pictured Above)

    Game Goat: Kelvin Benjamin, WR

    Kuechly only picked up 11 tackles (second on the team to linebacker Thomas Davis' 12), but that's still a fantastic day for the young linebacker who collects those like pogs. (Are pogs still a thing? No?) Yet it was his day in coverage that kept the Lions offense in check.

    On offense, the Panthers were less impressive but still held their own with the return of quarterback Cam Newton.

    I almost picked on running back Mike Tolbert again, who finished with negative rushing yards. Benjamin, however, had some mental miscues and only made two catches on his eight targets. The fact he still had 46 yards receiving is proof of the talent that is just waiting to burst out.

    Week 2 Grade: A

    2014 Cumulative: B+ 

    Week 3 Opponent: Pittsburgh Steelers (Home)

Chicago Bears (1-1)

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    Bears WR Brandon Marshall
    Bears WR Brandon MarshallTony Avelar/Associated Press

    Week 2 Outcome: Def. San Francisco 49ers 28-20

    Game Ball: Brandon Marshall, WR (Pictured Above)

    Game Goat: Matt Forte, RB 

    When quarterback Jay Cutler is your leading rusher, your running back is going to be the goat.

    Defensively, there were players who deserve recognition, including cornerback Kyle Fuller (he of the two interceptions) and linebacker Shea McClellin, who is actually starting to move like a linebacker and picked up a sack.

    It is Marshall who gets the game ball. His three-touchdown performance was remarkable for the injury he battled through and the emotions tearing through him in a week where domestic violence (something he's battled both with and against) was at the forefront.

    Longtime Chicago and Sports on Earth columnist Dan Pompei tweeted: "One day when Brandon Marshall is being discussed as HoF finalist, voters should reference his game last night. What a warrior."

    Week 2 Grade: B

    2014 Cumulative: C 

    Week 3 Opponent: New York Jets (Away)

Cincinnati Bengals (2-0)

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    Bengals WR Mohamed Sanu
    Bengals WR Mohamed SanuJoe Robbins/Getty Images

    Week 2 Outcome: Def. Atlanta Falcons 24-10

    Game Ball: Mohamed Sanu, WR (Pictured Above)

    Game Goat: Andy Dalton, QB

    Sanu, not Dalton, had the best throw of the day with a beautiful 50-yard pass

    Dalton, with 252 yards on 15-of-23 passing, wasn't terrible, but the run game clearly won this one, and he missed some throws he'd like back. Sanu also did some of that thing he's paid for—receiving—and picked up 84 yards on three catches. The offensive line, too, deserves some credit, as it's kept Dalton clean through two games.

    Week 2 Grade: A

    2014 Cumulative: A- 

    Week 3 Opponent: Tennessee Titans (Home)

Cleveland Browns (1-1)

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    Browns DB Tashaun Gipson
    Browns DB Tashaun GipsonTony Dejak/Associated Press

    Week 2 Outcome: Def. New Orleans Saints 26-24

    Game Ball:  Tashaun Gipson, DB (Pictured Above)

    Game Goat: Joe Haden, CB

    Gipson scored on a 62-yard interception return that helped grind the Browns' proverbial heel into the Saints' chest in the first half. Gipson was also the most effective defender when it came to shutting down Saints tight end Jimmy Graham (though Graham still had a fantastic game by exploiting other matchups).

    For the second week in the row Haden was burned in coverage, giving up six receptions and a touchdown. He's been a shutdown corner in this league, but not this season and not against the Saints.

    Week 2 Grade: B+

    2014 Cumulative: B

    Week 3 Opponent: Baltimore Ravens (Home)

Dallas Cowboys (1-1)

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    Cowboys WR Dez Bryant and QB Tony Romo
    Cowboys WR Dez Bryant and QB Tony RomoMark Zaleski/Associated Press

    Week 2 Outcome: Def. Tennessee Titans 26-10

    Game Ball: DeMarco Murray, RB

    Game Goat: Doug Free, OT

    Murray rattled off 167 yards on 29 carries and paced an offense that probably could've won in the air just as well as it won on the ground. Wide receiver Dez Bryant and quarterback Tony Romo (pictured above) were a solid connection, as Bryant finished the game with over 100 yards through the air.

    The defense, much maligned, was better in Week 2 than many expected, though one might easily point to the regression of the Titans offense as a reason there. Still, it held its own.

    The goat of the game was Free, who gave the Titans one of the few places they could stop Murray and allowed two sacks.

    Week 2 Grade: B-

    2014 Cumulative: C 

    Week 3 Opponent: St. Louis Rams (Away)

Denver Broncos (2-0)

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    Broncos WR Demaryius Thomas
    Broncos WR Demaryius ThomasJack Dempsey/Associated Press

    Week 2 Outcome: Def. Kansas City Chiefs 24-17

    Game Ball: Demaryius Thomas, WR (Pictured Above)

    Game Goat: Bradley Roby, CB

    Overall, this was a fantastic game for both sides of the ball in Denver, though the defense gave a little too much space for Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith to operate. Roby had his rookie hands full with Chiefs receiver Dwayne Bowe, and I can't grade him on a curve just because he's young. Overall, Roby allowed five catches on six targets.

    On offense, offensive linemen Chris Clark and Ryan Clady have had better days, but they were hardly bad enough to do anything more than mention. Thomas bounces back after a subpar (by his standards) Week 1. Although Emmanuel Sanders led the team with 108 receiving yards, I'm giving Thomas the game ball for his 62 yards on five catches and finding the end zone.

    Week 2 Grade: A-

    2014 Cumulative: A- 

    Week 3 Opponent: Seattle Seahawks (Away)

Detroit Lions (1-1)

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    Lions DT Ndamukong Suh
    Lions DT Ndamukong SuhRick Osentoski/Associated Press

    Week 2 Outcome: Lost to Carolina Panthers 24-7

    Game Ball: Stephen Tulloch, LB

    Game Goat: Matthew Stafford, QB

    I expected big things from defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh (pictured above), but he lost his chance to make Panthers quarterback Cam Newton pay for comments about his name thanks to some solid play by Panthers center Ryan Kalil. Suh, however, wasn't the Lions superstar that disappointed the most.

    After one of the best games of his career—college or pro—Stafford found himself reverting to a lot of old tendencies in Week 2. He was harassed thanks to the Lions' injury situation at right tackle, but excuses are few and far between when Stafford makes what he makes, especially after he spent Week 1 so composed.

    The defense did its best to hold Newton and the running game down. I appreciated the play of a secondary in shambles, which held rookie receiver Kelvin Benjamin to only a few catches, but Tulloch played like a man possessed and gets the game ball with 10 tackles and a sack.

    Week 2 Grade: D+

    2014 Cumulative: C+ 

    Week 3 Opponent: Green Bay Packers (Home)

Green Bay Packers (1-1)

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    Packers QB Aaron Rodgers
    Packers QB Aaron RodgersTom Lynn/Associated Press

    Week 2 Outcome: Def. New York Jets 31-24

    Game Ball: Jordy Nelson, WR

    Game Goat: Dom Capers, Defensive Coordinator

    Capers is the defensive coordinator that time forgot.

    The Packers have built their defense with a bunch of stiff, linear pass-rushers that don't flow well to the ball and aren't comfortable in space. Jets quarterback Geno Smith is hardly a top athlete for the position, but he was able to take advantage of the space they gave him rushing, and he gets put on the board as another "mobile" quarterback to embarrass Capers.

    Offensively, not many people had better days around the league than Nelson. He took advantage as well, but he was able to pick on a terrible Jets secondary to the tune of 209 yards receiving (not a typo).

    Week 2 Grade: C+

    2014 Cumulative: C+

    Week 3 Opponent: Detroit Lions (Away)

Houston Texans (2-0)

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    Texans QB Ryan Fitzpatrick
    Texans QB Ryan FitzpatrickBeck Diefenbach/Associated Press

    Week 2 Outcome: Def. Oakland Raiders 30-14

    Game Ball: Arian Foster, RB

    Game Goat: Whitney Mercilus, OLB

    Though I'll contend the Texans are not this good, the fortune of the NFL schedule gods is falling upon Houston. Look forward at the number of easier opponents, and it's easy to see that a veteran quarterback like Ryan Fitzpatrick (pictured above) just needs to stay out of the way and not make any unforced errors.

    Fitzpatrick had a good day against a bad Raiders defense. It doesn't compare to Foster's day, though, as the running back amassed 138 yards and a touchdown.

    Defensively, Mercilus is in for rookie Jadeveon Clowney and has had better weeks than this. He had a couple of hurries but didn't get enough bang for his buck considering the number of times he rushed (33). He also offered almost nothing in coverage. Though defensive end J.J. Watt scored an offensive touchdown, he was nearly as bad on defense and turned in one of his most lackluster pass-rushing performances in some time.

    Week 2 Grade: A-

    2014 Cumulative: A- 

    Week 3 Opponent: New York Giants (Away)

Indianapolis Colts (0-2)

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    Colts QB Andrew Luck
    Colts QB Andrew LuckJack Dempsey/Associated Press

    Week 2 Outcome: Lost to Philadelphia Eagles 30-27

    Game Ball: Andrew Luck, QB (Pictured Above)

    Game Goat: Pep Hamilton, Offensive Coordinator

    How do you finish a game with a potential game-winning drive and take the ball out of the hands of a quarterback like Luck? For that, Hamilton, you deserve all the derision you are about to get from local media and fans.

    Luck had a great game. Paced by a fantastic effort from his offensive line that allowed the running game to operate, Luck passed for 172 yards and three touchdowns. His one interception was due to a falling receiver who was clearly held and the refs simply missed it, so no one should really count that one against him.

    The defense held its own against the Chip Kelly-led Eagles offense, with the highlight going to cornerback Greg Toler, who had one of the prettiest interceptions you'll see this year.

    Week 2 Grade: C+

    2014 Cumulative: C-

    Week 3 Opponent: Jacksonville Jaguars (Away)

Jacksonville Jaguars (0-2)

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    Jaguars QB Chad Henne
    Jaguars QB Chad HenneNick Wass/Associated Press

    Week 2 Outcome: Lost to Washington 41-10

    Game Ball: Zane Beadles, OG

    Game Goat: Chad Henne, QB (Pictured Above)

    This was one of the worst whole-team performances the Jaguars have turned in for some time.

    Defensively, they were allowing Washington's Robert Griffin III to have a good game before he left with injury, but then backup quarterback Kirk Cousins simply torched them. Offensively, they failed up front, but Henne was responsible for a bunch of his 10 sacks. He looked lost, and it's a weekly reminder that rookie Blake Bortles is the superior player.

    The one lineman who did have a decent day was Beadles, though it was extremely difficult to highlight anyone during this incredibly poor performance. The first "F" of the year!

    Week 2 Grade: F

    2014 Cumulative: D 

    Week 3 Opponent: Indianapolis Colts (Home)

Kansas City Chiefs (0-2)

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    Broncos QB Peyton Manning with Chiefs QB Alex Smith
    Broncos QB Peyton Manning with Chiefs QB Alex SmithAssociated Press

    Week 2 Outcome: Lost to Denver Broncos 24-17

    Game Ball: Travis Kelce, TE

    Game Goat: Marcus Cooper, DB

    Get Kelce the ball.

    The Chiefs seem to forget about him every other game, but he led the team with 81 yards on four catches. He's a matchup nightmare who should be featured far more often. The Chiefs actually had a pretty good day on that side of the ball, but Kelce stands head and shoulders above the rest.

    Defensively, Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning has learned to pick on Cooper, and it's an issue. Manning had a 155.8 passer rating when passing to Cooper's zone.

    Week 2 Grade: B-

    2014 Cumulative: C 

    Week 3 Opponent: Miami Dolphins (Away)

Miami Dolphins (1-1)

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    Dolphins WR Mike Wallace
    Dolphins WR Mike WallaceGary Wiepert/Associated Press

    Week 2 Outcome: Lost to Buffalo Bills 29-10

    Game Ball: Mike Wallace, WR (Pictured Above)

    Game Goat: Lamar Miller, RB

    The whole purpose of a running back by committee system is that when one goes down, the whole thing isn't supposed to go to shambles. Knowshon Moreno was banged up and limited to one carry, but Miller refused to step up in his absence with only 46 yards on 11 carries.

    Wallace only had 56 yards receiving but managed one of the best one-handed touchdown catches of the young season. It was a lone bright spot.

    Week 2 Grade: C-

    2014 Cumulative: B- 

    Week 3 Opponent: Kansas City Chiefs (Home)

Minnesota Vikings (1-1)

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    Minnesota Vikings QB Matt Cassel
    Minnesota Vikings QB Matt CasselAnn Heisenfelt/Associated Press

    Week 2 Outcome: Lost to the New England Patriots 30-7

    Game Ball: Brandon Fusco, OG

    Game Goat: Matt Cassel, QB (Pictured Above)

    There is no sunshine or puppy dogs after a loss like this.

    Fusco had the best game on the offensive line (par for the course, as he's one of the best linemen in the league that no one talks about), but there's little positive to say about a Vikings teams that failed in all three phases of the game.

    Cassel was terrible, throwing four interceptions.

    Week 2 Grade: D+

    2014 Cumulative: C+

    Week 3 Opponent: New Orleans Saints (Away)

New England Patriots (1-1)

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    Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski
    Patriots TE Rob GronkowskiAdam Bettcher/Getty Images

    Week 2 Outcome: Def. Minnesota Vikings 30-7

    Game Ball: Chandler Jones, DE

    Game Goat: Nate Solder, OT 

    Remember how there was nothing positive to say about the Vikings? Flip that script here.

    I'll pick on Solder, because he's supposed to be the class of pass-blocking, but he had a rough day with a couple of penalties and pressures allowed. It's nothing to fret over, as he'll have plenty of good days too, but it is literally one of the few minor negatives that can be taken from such a sound victory.

    The defense was the name of the game here, forcing the four interceptions we just mentioned for Cassel on the last slide. Jones had himself a day with two sacks and a number of other pressures.

    Week 2 Grade: A-

    2014 Cumulative: B- 

    Week 3 Opponent: Oakland Raiders (Home)

New Orleans Saints (0-2)

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    Saints RB Mark Ingram
    Saints RB Mark IngramJason Miller/Getty Images

    Week 2 Outcome: Lost to Cleveland Browns 26-24

    Game Ball: Jimmy Graham, TE

    Game Goat: Patrick Robinson, CB

    Where is the defense?

    No, really...

    It's been terrible two weeks in a row, and Robinson was abused in this one to the tune of five catches and a touchdown. Though, honestly, the entire unit is the goat of the year so far...maybe for the whole league.

    Graham had what is quickly becoming a "normal" kind of day for him with 118 yards receiving and two touchdowns.

    Week 2 Grade: C-

    2014 Cumulative: B- 

    Week 3 Opponent: Minnesota Vikings (Home)

New York Giants (0-2)

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    Giants QB Eli Manning
    Giants QB Eli ManningRon Antonelli/Getty Images

    Week 2 Outcome: Lost to Arizona Cardinals 25-14

    Game Ball: Larry Donnell, TE

    Game Goat: Weston Richburg, OG

    Donnell is coming out of nowhere to be one of the lone bright spots for the Giants this season. He's playing the same role Jermichael Finley played in offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo's offense, and he's doing it well. In Week 2, that meant 81 yards receiving to lead the team.

    The run defense took a step back after a solid Week 1 and joined the pass defense in terms of atrociousness. The offensive line, though, was a bigger detriment against the Cardinals pass rush. Richburg allowed a sack and two hurries and got almost no push in the run game.

    Week 2 Grade: C-

    2014 Cumulative: C- 

    Week 3 Opponent: Houston Texans (Home)

New York Jets (1-1)

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    Jets QB Geno Smith
    Jets QB Geno SmithChristian Petersen/Getty Images

    Week 2 Outcome: Lost to Green Bay Packers 31-24

    Game Ball: Geno Smith, QB (Pictured Above)

    Game Goat: Antonio Allen, CB

    The Jets are a fun team to watch, and it's been a while since that was true. Smith is taking steps toward becoming a more efficient NFL passer, and though the mistakes will still creep up, he's also learning to make defenses pay for their miscues.

    On defense, it wasn't a terrible performance overall, but Allen allowed five catches and had three missed tackles.

    Week 2 Grade: C

    2014 Cumulative: B- 

    Week 3 Opponent: Chicago Bears (Home)

Oakland Raiders (0-2)

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    Raiders WR James Jones
    Raiders WR James JonesBeck Diefenbach/Associated Press

    Week 2 Outcome: Lost to Houston Texans 30-14

    Game Ball: James Jones, WR (Pictured Above)

    Game Goat: James Jones, WR (Pictured Above)

    No mistake here—Jones was both the best player for the Raiders and the most chuckle-worthy thanks to a play where he managed to fumble the ball twice. Yes, twice. Even with that laughable moment, Jones deserves some praise for 112 yards receiving and a touchdown.

    Overall, though, the Texans rolled and the Raiders are still left looking for the light at the end of the tunnel.

    Week 2 Grade: D+

    2014 Cumulative: C-

    Week 3 Opponent: New England Patriots (Away)

Philadelphia Eagles (2-0)

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    Eagles RB LeSean McCoy
    Eagles RB LeSean McCoyMatt Rourke/Associated Press

    Week 2 Outcome: Def. Indianapolis Colts 30-27

    Game Ball: Darren Sproles, RB

    Game Goat: Interior Defensive Line

    Sproles is insane. 

    With LeSean McCoy (pictured above) on the team, Sproles was not supposed to have this kind of impact for the Eagles. Yes, expectations were big, but this was out of control. With 152 yards through the air and 26 more on the ground, he ate his tiny little way through the Colts defense all night. 

    Things would not have been as difficult or close, though, if the defensive line had done its job. I'll pick on the whole group, as it allowed the Colts offensive line to look far better than it had any business looking.

    Week 2 Grade: B+

    2014 Cumulative: B-

    Week 3 Opponent: Washington (Home) 

Pittsburgh Steelers (1-1)

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    Steelers CB Ike Taylor
    Steelers CB Ike TaylorRob Carr/Getty Images

    Week 2 Outcome: Lost to Baltimore Ravens 26-6

    Game Ball: Antonio Brown, WR

    Game Goat: The Defense

    By the end of the game, the Steelers defense was throwing up on the field.

    That's the kind of night it was, when you're beat at every level. 

    Offensively, Brown is proving to be the No. 1 receiver the Steelers have lacked for some time, but 90 yards receiving didn't mean much when just about every one of his teammates found a way to let him down.

    Week 2 Grade: C

    2014 Cumulative: C+ 

    Week 3 Opponent: Carolina Panthers (Away)

San Diego Chargers (1-1)

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    Chargers WR Keenan Allen
    Chargers WR Keenan AllenGregory Bull/Associated Press

    Week 2 Outcome: Def. Seattle Seahawks 30-21

    Game Ball: Keenan Allen, WR (Pictured Above) and Antonio Gates, TE

    Game Goat: Ryan Mathews, RB

    It takes your A-game to beat the Seahawks.

    The Chargers brought theirs.

    Allen tore up Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman and earned the right to talk smack after the game. Gates, however, shares game-ball honors thanks to the 96 yards receiving and three touchdowns he collected.

    It's pick your poison against the Seahawks defense, though, and the Chargers' great passing day was tempered with a running game that couldn't get off the ground. Mathews got only 31 yards on 11 carries.

    Week 2 Grade: A-

    2014 Cumulative: B- 

    Week 3 Opponent: Buffalo Bills (Away)

San Francisco 49ers (1-1)

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    49ers QB Colin Kaepernick
    49ers QB Colin KaepernickEzra Shaw/Getty Images

    Week 2 Outcome: Lost to Chicago Bears 28-20

    Game Ball: Patrick Willis, LB

    Game Goat: Colin Kaepernick, QB (Pictured Above)

    Losses like this obscure the play of Willis, who only managed eight tackles and a pass defensed but was in on almost every play. It wasn't a great day for the 49ers on that side of the ball, but Willis deserves his props.

    Kaepernick, though, had himself a Tony Romo-esque day with a fumble and three interceptions.

    Week 2 Grade: B-

    2014 Cumulative: B 

    Week 3 Opponent: Arizona Cardinals (Away)

Seattle Seahawks (1-1)

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    Seahawks WR Percy Harvin
    Seahawks WR Percy HarvinOtto Greule Jr/Getty Images

    Week 2 Outcome: Lost to San Diego Chargers 30-21

    Game Ball: Bobby Wagner, LB

    Game Goat: Percy Harvin, WR (Pictured Above)

    The Seahawks did not have a bad game; they just didn't live up to our lofty expectations.

    Much like Willis, whom I highlighted on the last slide, Wagner had a good performance that didn't show up on the stat sheet as much as box score scouts might have liked. It was only 10 official tackles, but it felt like it easily could've been 10 more.

    Harvin, though, not so much.

    The star receiver is still not totally integrated into the Seahawks offense, and I'm picking on him here because he's being paid far too much for one catch and a couple of gadget plays. Yes, he led the team in rushing on a poor rushing day, but he also had a fumble to negate some of the warm fuzzies there.

    Week 2 Grade: B-

    2014 Cumulative: B+ 

    Week 3 Opponent: Denver Broncos (Home)

St. Louis Rams (1-1)

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    Rams QB Austin Davis
    Rams QB Austin DavisCliff McBride/Getty Images

    Week 2 Outcome: Def. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 19-17

    Game Ball: Austin Davis, QB (Pictured Above)

    Game Goat: Davin Joseph, OG

    Davis is the backup's backup, but he had one of the most efficient passing performances the Rams have seen in a while at 22-of-29 passing for 235 yards. It wasn't a great day, but on this Rams team, it might be just about all one can ask for.

    Joseph has continued to give the Rams almost nothing up front and allowed two hits and two hurries against the Buccaneers.

    Week 2 Grade: B-

    2014 Cumulative: C- 

    Week 3 Opponent: Dallas Cowboys (Home)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-2)

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    Buccaneers RB Bobby Rainey
    Buccaneers RB Bobby RaineyChris O'Meara/Associated Press

    Week 2 Outcome: Lost to St. Louis Rams 19-17

    Game Ball: Bobby Rainey, RB (Pictured Above)

    Game Goat: Logan Mankins, OG

    Rainey gave fans something to chew on—especially those who have been disappointed with Doug Martin's recent performances. His 144 yards gave the Buccaneers something to hang their hat on on a day when the offense just looked disjointed and the offensive line was really bad.

    Mankins has not lived up to his billing for the Buccaneers and might be the worst run-blocker they've had in two straight weeks. It's not about learning a new scheme or just falling behind in a new atmosphere. He's just losing individual matchups.

    Week 2 Grade: D-

    2014 Cumulative: D+ 

    Week 3 Opponent: Atlanta Falcons (Away)

Tennessee Titans (1-1)

31 of 32

    Titans QB Jake Locker
    Titans QB Jake LockerFrederick Breedon/Getty Images

    Week 2 Outcome: Lost to Dallas Cowboys 26-10

    Game Ball: Delanie Walker, TE

    Game Goat: Jake Locker, QB (Pictured Above)

    Much like Detroit's Matthew Stafford and Atlanta's Matt Ryan, Locker had a fantastic Week 1 performance only to follow it up with a stinker. Only 18-of-34 passing with a couple of interceptions is a pretty nasty stat line, but against Dallas' defense? Yuck.

    The defense actually performed relatively well and held Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo in check for the most part, but the run defense was a big detriment, and the Titans didn't have an answer for receiver Dez Bryant.

    Walker was a bright spot, as his 61-yard touchdown reception almost seemed to give the Titans life in the third quarter before Dallas slammed the door.

    Week 2 Grade: D+

    2014 Cumulative: C+

    Week 3 Opponent: Cincinnati Bengals (Away)

Washington (1-1)

32 of 32

    Washington QB Kirk Cousins
    Washington QB Kirk CousinsPatrick Smith/Getty Images

    Week 2 Outcome: Def. Jacksonville Jaguars 41-10

    Game Ball: Kirk Cousins, QB (Pictured Above)

    Game Goat: DeAngelo Hall, CB

    Picking a goat in this game was nearly impossible, and I even had "N/A" up there for much of the formation of this column before forcing myself to pick someone. Hall gets that honor thanks to a missed tackle, but let's also be honest and say the Jaguars gave him plenty of respect and stayed away from him in coverage.

    In all, maybe one of the best performances from a "goat" we'll see all season.

    Cousins isn't exactly wilting under the spotlight here, nor doing anything to quiet the budding quarterback controversy. He was fantastic running the offense and went through reads like Robert Griffin III has not in Jay Gruden's offense. How much of that was simply facing the Jaguars defense? Probably quite a bit, but 22-of-33 passing and 250 yards was a fantastic performance coming on in relief.

    Week 2 Grade: B+

    2014 Cumulative: C+

    Week 3 Opponent: Philadelphia Eagles (Away)

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