Antonio Brown's Karate Kick on Spencer Lanning Fires Up Internet Meme Mill

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterSeptember 8, 2014


If you kick someone in the mouth at a Sam’s Club, you’re probably going to jail. You’re also probably no longer in the club.

On the flip side, if you Liu Kang an opponent on the gridiron, you get a 15-yard penalty and a troupe of goofs like myself immortalize it through the majesty of Internet memes. 

The moment Antonio Brown’s cleat connected with Spencer Lanning’s helmet on Sunday afternoon, the meme machine began churning. The following are some of the best remixes of the Pittsburgh Steelers wideout applying his Crouching Tiger style of evasion against the Cleveland Browns punter.

Kicking things off, SB Nation went with the obligatory Mortal Kombat remix. 

SB Nation @SBNation

The Internet has a present for you: Antonio Brown memes! http://t.co/NWcbcZHmB7 http://t.co/kIqqjpiJxT

Benstonium.com put in some serious work on a spectacular Karate Kid version of events. 

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Dez Bryant would’ve never survived a Brown kick over the middle. 

Faux John Madden @FauxJohnMadden

Antonio Brown has to stop http://t.co/iFfuMDPo74

“Adaptation...improvisation...but your weakness, Antonio, is not your technique.”

Spleaze @theSpleaze

Antonio Brown evidently took the red pill and learned Kung Fu before yesterday's kickoff.. #NFL http://t.co/4x8EqXQ9jA

Vine user Mike Pearson gave us the necessary “This is Sparta” remix. 

And there was more Sparta.

And a Lanning POV version.

Mack McCree @McMack_dizzle

@steelers @AntonioBrown84 what Lanning saw today #PITvsCLE #CUEUPU http://t.co/Ur3mNcELVm

Olympian Lolo Jones, connoisseur of the botched hurdle, empathized with Brown’s plight. 

Lolo Jones @lolojones

Shh... I know that feeling 😒 🙈. #AntonioBrown http://t.co/LwVZtRVITq

Last but not least, we have the WWE rendition of Brown's flying curb stomp.

Of course, all this comes courtesy of an accident. Brown told members of the media he didn't mean to Jason Statham Lanning in the face during his return.

“No intent to hurt him,” Brown told reporters after the game (via ESPN.com’s Scott Brown). “I had my mind made up that he was going over me. I thought he was going low and I tried to leap over him. It was just a bad outcome of a play.”

Lanning wasn’t injured on the play. Judging by a postgame tweet, the punter is laughing at the strange occurrence like everyone else. 

Spencer Lanning @LanningSpencer

Wait, wait, wait... When did this happen?!? http://t.co/SzU9wDVx23

Good work, Lanning. After all, your face was able to slow Brown down long enough to cause the tackle. 

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