Twitter Reacts as Pep Guardiola Won't Shake Hands After Loss to MLS All-Stars

Tim Keeney@@t_keenContributor IAugust 7, 2014

USA Today

Pep Guardiola's Bayern Munich side lost to the MLS All-Stars, 2-1, during Wednesday night's exhibition, and he was not a happy Pep. 

Following the final whistle, the 43-year-old manager blew off Portland Timbers and MLS All-Star head coach Caleb Porter, refusing to shake hands. 

SportsCenter's Twitter provided a look at the tense moment along with the finger wag that would make Dikembe Mutombo blush: 

Most believe the incident was a result of the MLS stars' physical play in the midfield during what is supposed to be a friendly match. Osvaldo Alonso and Will Johnson both received yellow cards after unnecessary challenges, as MLSsoccer.com's Matthew Doyle alluded to:

Still, no matter the reason, many weren't happy with Guardiola's post-game antics. Sports Illustrated's Grant Wahl and ESPN's Max Bretos gave their thoughts:

During the post-match press conference, Porter attempted to seek higher ground and play off the entire thing. Wahl and Philly.com's Jonathan Tannenwald provided the manager's comments:

Moreover, according to U.S. Soccer President Sunil Gulati, the handshake eventually happened, just a little later than expected:

It's easy to see both sides of the picture. The tackles, while bad, weren't the worst you'll ever see, even in a friendly. They certainly didn't seem to be malicious. However, there was really no need for them, and Guardiola's anger was probably justified. 

As Goal.com's Ives Galarcep noted, a potential injury to the ultra-important Bastian Schweinsteiger helps the case of the latter:

You may think Guardiola would never answer a phone call from the MLS again, but afterward, he was essentially daring the North American league for a rematch, as Fox Sports' Kyle McCarthy noted:

Oh man.

On one hand, a rematch would probably generate amazing ratings, a good thing for the MLS. But on the other, it would probably get ugly, as Guardiola likely would have revenge on his mind. 

Overall, this is an unfortunate incident that seems to be overshadowing what turned out to be a thrilling match. 

Despite Guardiola's comments, you can probably safely assume there will be no rematch with the Bundesliga giants. Hopefully, though, this won't prevent other top clubs from around the world playing in this unique annual exhibition.