Please Cohan, For The Sake Of The Children, Sell The Warriors!

Joel CreagerCorrespondent IJuly 8, 2009

I was riding in a car while listening to a Warriors game with my father when I had my first conversation about being a fan of the Warriors.  Being seven, and having recently moved to California, I'd never had any particular interest in NBA basketball aside from the lone Chris Mullin card in my collection (complete with blemish on the cheek).

I simply wanted to listen to my Raffi tape, but my dad said, "No, the Warriors could do great things. Now that we live in California the Warriors are our closest team."

Maybe those weren't the exact words, but it was something to that effect.  Maybe my dad simply couldn't stomach another rousing round of "Willabe Wallabe Woo" or "Apples and Bananas," but his words still left a lasting impression on me.

The impression that the Golden State Warriors had the potential to do great things, and should by all means someday realize that greatness.

The year was 1993.

I'm not going to explain what happened after that. It pains me to see so many opportunities squandered. But to make a long story short, the bottom line is that my expectations, hopes, and dreams for the Warriors were never realized.

Alas, childhood has long since come and gone, and with the exception of one flash in the pan during the 2006-07 season the Warriors' postseason portfolio is deeply in the red.

So deep in fact, that recent rumors from Tim Kawakami suggest Cohan is selling the team.  The prospect has fans giddy up the wazoo.

Kawakami posits two possible candidates for ownership, George Lucas and Larry Ellison.

He also states that his source was not inclined to specify which candidate was really interested.  However, judging by his delivery and choice of candidates it can be determined that Kawakami is employing a bit of a ruse to protect his relationship with the source. All while pointing a giant arrow at the real candidate.

How is this? Well the "source" of the Lucas rumor was a joke that emanated from my pent up frustrations about the team.  Kawakami clearly understood the nature of the article when the joke was released.  In a brief discussion with Ralph and Tom of KNBR, Kawakami is, ironically enough, asked why he didn't break the Lucas story. The result was a good laugh all the way around.

So why include Lucas as a candidate if the only prior discussion was purely facetious?

If Kawakami names only a single candidate, then he has officially spilled the beans. After all, right now the emphasis of the story is that Cohan is selling the team; not who is going to buy it.

Consequently Kawakami's article juxtaposes the relatively absurd rumor of Lucas purchasing the franchise to the realistic and believable involvement of Larry Ellison with a transparent, but cleverly contrived equivocation of the possible parties involved.

What would it mean for the Golden State Warriors and their fans if Cohan really is selling the team? 

Without going into any detail I would wager that the sale of the team would generate more season ticket revenue than any other off season move imaginable (short of signing LeBron or Kobe), and that is just the beginning.

But I digress...

There are children out there. Children whose spirits burn brightly for the Warriors without the shade of doubt or distrust that comes from a lifetime tarnished by shattered dreams and failed expectations. 

Indeed, I have always believed there is a child in us all. 

So please Mr. Cohan, for the sake of the children, sell the Warriors.


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