Where Were You When...College Football Edition

Ed MedinaCorrespondent IJune 27, 2009

PASADENA, CA - JANUARY 04:  Vince Young #10 of the Texas Longhorns rushes past Frostee Rucker #90, Scott Ware #29 and Josh Pinkard #36 of the USC Trojans to score a 2 point conversion following his touchdown in the final moments of the BCS National Championship Rose Bowl Game at the Rose Bowl on January 4, 2006 in Pasadena, California.  Texas defeated USC 41-38.  (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

So, earlier tonight I was frequenting the Rivals.com college football message board, as I often do when I came upon a thread titled "Where were you when..." which had a lot of interesting events (including the recent death of pop icon Michael Jackson) and asked posters to reply where they were when these events occurred and it got me thinking. Where was I when college football history was made?

I can't claim to have really followed college football a lot before the 2007 season (I'm 16, FYI), but of course I was still a sports fan before that time, and I do remember a lot of things related to college football.

Where was I when....

  • Ohio State upset Miami in the thrilling fiesta bowl?

I was around the age of nine, I think. I was at my best friends house and his parents were watching the game on the big screen in their loft, and me and my friend came just in time (about five minutes left in the fourth quarter) to watch the dramatic ending unfold. I can't claim to remember many names or exactly what happened, but I knew greatness when I saw it.

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  • Vince Young lead Texas to victory over USC?

Again, I didn't follow much football around this time. I did see the "Bush Push" earlier that year though. Anyways, I was at my grandpa's house, which was packed with USC fans, and due to the fact that I despise USC, I decided to watch the game in my room by myself.

I'll never forget how eerily quiet it was when Vince went in, and how loud I was with excitement and celebration that USC had finally lost a game. The envy I harbored for the Trojan's at the time was unbelievable, but over time it diminished.

  • Appalachian State beat Michigan?

This was the first real day of my college football fanhood. I'll never forget watching some game on ESPN then getting bored and switching over to ESPN news and getting that report of Appy State over Michigan, I rushed to my phone to dial my dad (A de facto Michigan fan) and told him the news.

Neither of us could really believe it, and to this day I'm still confused as to how that could ever happen.

  • Crabtree went in for the Score?

I had acting rehearsal earlier that day (I was an officer in "A Comedy of Errors") so I couldn't organize a viewing party, so I watched the game at home alone. I got pretty bored with it fast as Tech jumped out to the lead, but just as I suspected Texas came back and took the lead.

I remember thinking the same thing that the TV said: "They may have left too much time on the clock" and sure enough, I was right. I exploded with joy as Crabtree (my favorite receiver) caught the pass and shook off two defenders to score. It was a great moment for me, as a fan, to see that.

  • Oklahoma got the nod over Texas?

This is something that, when it happened, or rather the night before it happened, I knew would be talked about for years and years. I was in my computer room on Rivals.com, the College Football Soundoff board, just reading the threads of peoples opinions and had it tuned to the local sports radio station for the hours leading up to the decision.

The debate raged on heavily and when OU finally got the nod I couldn't help but feel sorry for Texas, who I felt deserved it. Now that I remember, I skipped a nice trip to go to beautiful Northern Arizona just to hear about this first.

A lot of these events are pretty entrenched in my memory, and they will always be there as long as I like the great sport of College Football.

So where were you when some of these happened? and feel free to comment on your own events.

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