The Funniest Score Celebrations

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistMay 16, 2014

The Funniest Score Celebrations

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    AL BEHRMAN/Associated Press

    In sports, it's all about winning.

    And while we're all taught at a young age to win with dignity and show respect for the opposition, sometimes it can be tough to restrain ourselves from gloating just a little bit.

    One way in which athletes show that is by over-the-top celebrations, which just so happens to be what I'm giving you today.

    So take a look through this slideshow and check out some of the funniest score celebrations the sports world has ever seen.

Mario Bailey

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    This one might seem ordinary at first glance, but when you know the backstory, it makes it hilarious—unless you're former Michigan wideout and Heisman Trophy winner Desmond Howard.

    After Howard's famous Heisman pose against rival Ohio State in the two teams' annual game earlier in the season, former Washington Huskies receiver Mario Bailey wanted to make sure he proved to everyone who the best player on the field in the Rose Bowl was a few months later.

    Catching six balls for 126 yards and a touchdown, Bailey had a Heisman moment of his own, as his team won the game.

    Howard's response to the whole thing, though? "He's (Bailey) invited to my house to look at the real thing."


Berian Gobeil

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    When someone is trying to clown on you, the only proper response—besides scoring a goal on a penalty kick, of course—is to mock him by doing the same thing he was doing prior to the kick, right?

    That's what Stony Brook's Berian Gobeil did to Hartford goalie Nenad Cudic a couple of seasons ago, showing us that every action definitely has a reaction.

    Although his team lost the game, Cudic landed himself on Tosh.0 to take part in a Web Redemption—which is pretty damn cool, even if it wasn't in the best light.

Rasul Chunayev

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    Chances are high you remember this guy.

    After taking down his opponent during a match last year, Azerbaijani wrestler Rasul Chunayev broke into one of the most classic—and unexpected—dances ever seen in sports.

    Most athletes try to act tough or flaunt themselves after a big shot or win. But Chunayev showed his true feelings by breaking out his best Riverdance impression.

Kwame Cavil

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    Former Texas Longhorn Kwame Cavil enjoyed a fairly solid career for the Longhorns from 1997 to 1999.

    Unfortunately, many of us don't know about Cavil because he only made four NFL receptions, causing him to fall into oblivion.

    Well, that's what happened until he resurfaced for this amazing celebration dance while playing for the CFL's Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Cavil displayed both his agility and moves that any Hall of Fame receiver would envy.

Samuel Eto'o

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    Following comments from his own manager, Jose Mourinho, about his age and decline in performance, striker Samuel Eto'o made sure he poked some fun at his boss after a goal last month.

    While more than a few players have used the corner flag to celebrate before, Eto'o might be the first to use the thing as a cane, signifying just how over-the-hill he really is to his head coach.

    Nicely played, sir—especially since it produced quite the reaction from Mourinho himself.

Randy Moss

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    OK, so maybe this is just my immaturity coming out, but the Randy Moss mooning of rival Green Bay Packers fans during a 2005 playoff game is just hilarious to me.

    While it produced a reaction from commentator Joe Buck suggesting it was the worst thing ever seen in the game, it was a celebration that was unique in that it had never been done before.

    OK, so it cost Moss $10,000, but it also led to one of the best soundbites from an athlete ever.

    Bathroom humor is nothing but "straight cash, homey."

Mike Iaconelli

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    Seriously, has anyone in the history of sports been so amped up about catching a fish in his or her entire life? Hell, has anyone in sports ever been as stoked as Mike Iaconelli is here for doing anything?

    He even busted out the words "never give up!" while wrangling the fish in.

    It makes me wonder what his reactions are anytime something good happens to him—and I can only hope they're as good as this one.

Lance Moore

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    Channeling his inner Hingle McCringleberry from the East/West College Bowl skit on the TV show Key & Peele, New Orleans Saints wideout Lance Moore shows that he has all the moves down pat, thrusting forward after a long touchdown catch last season.

    In the skit, McCringleberry earns a flag for excessive celebration. But not Moore, who jogged back to the sideline unscathed.

    And you thought the NFL was the no fun league.

South African Soccer Team

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    It might not be all that funny, but the South African soccer team's World Cup celebration from 2010 is still one of my favorite of all time.

    Doing a homemade version of the Macarena, players celebrated the tourney's first goal—on home soil, no less—during the first match against Mexico.

    These guys just look so happy, so I had to give them some love for the moves.

Ickey Woods

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    He might have only enjoyed one solid season—which just so happened to be his rookie year in 1988—but, man, did former running back Ickey Woods really live it up.

    Rushing for more than 1,000 yards and scoring 15 total touchdowns, Ickey became a fan favorite—and it was mainly because of his "Ickey Shuffle" that had Cincinnati Bengals fans so stoked each time he scored.

Peter Crouch

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    Anyone who stands 6'8" is noticeable regardless of what he's doing.

    But when English soccer player Peter Crouch busted out the Robot as a way to celebrate his goals, it was a hell of a lot more eye-catching—mainly, because he looked so goofy doing it.

    Sadly, Crouch stopped showing the move, but I really hope he reconsiders.

Hamilton Tiger-Cats

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    Remember that "I'm On A Boat" song by The Lonely Island from a few years ago?

    Yeah, it was catchy as hell.

    And while we all probably sang it while boozing on one during warm days with our buddies, Hamilton Tiger-Cats players actually acted it out during a game—which got them fined from the CFL.

    Having a handful of players hop into a random boat on the sideline was quite the sight to see.

    At least it didn't end as badly as it did for the Minnesota Vikings.

Ogom Chijindu

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    Talk about punishing!

    Not only did Lingerie Football League player Ogom Chijindu make a vicious hit on an opponent, but then, to celebrate knocking the receiving player into next week, the scantily clad Chijindu shook her booty on top of the player's helmet as a reminder of who's boss.

    This only proves that twerking has gotten way out of hand, though I'm not at all upset about it in this case.

Adrian Alvarstein

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    Anytime an athlete can get the entire crowd behind him for anything, that's a good thing.

    And while it's normally best following a big play, sometimes even getting cheers for one's dance moves can feel good.

    Just ask Norwegian hockey player Adrian Alvarstein, who late last year showcased moves that would make Justin Timberlake jealous.

Deion Sanders

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    Maybe I'm just a sucker for the old school as a kid from the '90s, but for my money, there might not be any more recognizable celebration in sports history than Hall of Fame cornerback Deion Sanders'.

    Known for his cocky and trash-talking attitude, Sanders loved getting under his opponents' skin, much like current corners Richard Sherman and Patrick Peterson do.

    If a team let Sanders get the best of it, he made sure it knew, busting into his Prime Time dance.

Dzimtry Koub

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    Athletes are always trying to engage with their fans more thanks to social media and such, but Lithuanian club soccer player Dzimtry Koub doesn't need a Twitter account to interact with fans.

    That's because Koub decided to actually run into the stands following a goal he scored a few weeks ago during a match in order to applaud his own work.

    Is it the best celebration ever? In all honesty, it might just be—even as absurd as it is.