Central Conn.: What Will 2009 Bring?

Sean AhernCorrespondent IJune 25, 2009

Central Connecticut ended their season with a 7-4 record in 2008 and is looking to build upon the record.

But what will they have to do to get there?

With only four out-of-conference games this year, including contests against William and Mary and Columbia at the start of their season, Central Connecticut will need to win the close losses that they had last year if they want to move up in the rankings of the NEC.

Close losses to teams like UAlbany, who look to dominate the conference again this year under head coach Bob Ford. In his 34 season as acting head coach of the Great Danes, he has worked to keep the Danes up at the top of the NEC, but last year, Central Connecticut came close to pushing them off of their pedestal with a 22-24 loss in Albany late in the season.

A 42-35 win over Bryant in their season opener last year would show what the Blue Devils are capable of. A shut out win over St. Francis followed by a season finishing defeat of Sacred Heart would cement the power behind the Blue Devils.

But still, with a 4-3 in conference record, a 7-3 overall record put them behind Sacred Heart and tied with Robert Morris for third place overall in the conference.

Wins over both in October to start their NEC play could help to get Central Connecticut off to the right start. Of course, next year will be a fight against UAlbany and Monmouth for supremacy in the NEC, but the Blue Devils can upset that run for either team with a win over either of the two top ranked teams.

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Sacred Heart will pose a threat to Central Connecticut moving up in the rankings, tied last year for third place, both teams are looking to increase their wealth in wins this year.

If the boys in blue can win games against Columbia, Lehigh, and William and Mary they might have a chance of upsetting the balance of the NEC and working their way closer to the top.

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