Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s Best Chance for Another Victory Is Against Danny Garcia

Sean ODonnellContributor IIIMay 8, 2014

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is seen in his WBC-WBA welterweight title boxing fight against Marcos Maidana Saturday, May 3, 2014, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/Eric Jamison)
Eric Jamison/Associated Press

Floyd Mayweather improved his flawless record to 46-0 after emerging victorious by majority decision over Marcos Maidana; however, it wasn't a typical Mayweather fight by any stretch of the imagination.

Rarely have we ever seen Money bullied around the ring in the fashion Maidana manhandled him over the first few rounds of the bout.

Eric Jamison/Associated Press

From the opening bell, El Chino was the more aggressive fighter, consistently forcing Mayweather into the ropes and pounding away on him with his signature overhand right. Money really only survived the onslaught due to Maidana's severe lack of accuracy.

Was Maidana just way better than we all expected? Did Mayweather's age finally catch up to him?

It may have been a combination of both.

One thing is certain: Mayweather certainly struggled against a bigger, more powerful opponent.

Money is due to fight again in September as part of his six-fight contract with Showtime. If he is to keep his unblemished record intact, he must choose his next opponent wisely.

To ensure victory, that next opponent should be Danny Garcia.

Ricardo Arduengo/Associated Press

On the short list of potential candidates to fight Mayweather in September, Garcia would make the most sense to allow the pound-for-pound king to rebound after the Maidana fight—even if this selection isn't much of a crowd-pleaser.

Garcia absolutely fits the bill as a Mayweather opponent. He holds a 28-0 record with 16 knockouts. During that stretch, he also came away with a victory over another Mayweather hopeful opponent Amir Khan.

Also under the Golden Boy banner, it could be conceived that setting up a fight between Mayweather and Garcia would be relatively easy.

When asked if he would fight Mayweather last year, Garcia told Brett Okamoto of ESPN.com he would partake.

Said Garcia, "You know, I really don't know. At the end of the day, I'm just a fighter. I come to fight with heart and I give the fans what they want. If Golden Boy and [adviser] Al Haymon want it, I'll do it. It is what it is."

If Garcia does fight Mayeather, he would be forced to move up in weight. Garcia fights in the light welterweight division and would need to pack on roughly seven pounds.

This gives Mayweather an opponent who would be unable to push him around the ring in the way Maidana did. Money would be able to maintain a familiar strategy without the worry of being bullied around the ring.

Again, this may not be the most popular opponent for Mayweather, but it's a fight he could win.

Money could go in the direction of a rematch against Maidana—a fight practically everyone wants to see happen—or he could wait for the winner of the Sergio Martinez-Miguel Cotto bout.

However, none of these opponents give Mayweather as great a chance for success.

Expect Money to take his time with this decision. Eventually, we'll find out who his next opponent will be—and it will be very telling. If he's looking for a win, Garcia seems like the logical option. If he's looking to please the crowd, Maidana could get his rematch.

Time will tell.


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