Ode to College Football

Stephen NoffkeContributor IJune 23, 2009

I Love College Football.

I love Marching Bands and Fight Songs

I Love Howard’s Rock and Running Down the Hill

I love hating the Men of Troy and watching the University of Troy

I love the Mad Scientist

I love Hurricanes that are Golden or found in Miami

I love War Eagle and Smurf Turf

I love Bucky and Brutus

I love Go Blue and Roll Tide

I love Uga and Mike the Tiger

I love the Swamp, The Rock and the Big House

I love Joe Pa and his Glasses

I love Free Shoes University

I love every Death Valley and every Memorial Stadium

I love Tailgaiting in the Grove and Tailgaiting in the 5th quarter

I love dotting the I at the Horseshoe

I love the World’s Biggest Drum

I love the Triple Option and Spread HD

I love the Orange of Syracuse and the Orange Bowl

I love the Mean Green and Green Wave

I love Locker Rooms that are Pink

I love Herbie the Husker

I love the Holy War, the Boarder War and the Civil War

I love The Egg Cup and the Apple Cup

I love Country Roads and Jump Around

I love the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party

I love the Sooner Schooner and Chief Oscela

I love The Iron Bowl and the Black and Blue Bowl

I love the Fremont Cannon and Iron Skillet.

I love drinking on the Tennessee River and Lake Washington

I love the Battle of I-10, I-25 and I-75 and the War on I-4

I love “In Heaven There is No Beer”

I love College Game Day and Corso’s Hats

I love Duel in the Desert and the Friends of Coal Bowl

I love the Third Saturday in September and the Third Saturday in October

I love “We Are Penn State”

I love the Beehive Boot and the Bronze Boot

I love the Red River Shootout and the River City Rivalry

I love the Hiesman

I love the Blackshirts and Scarlet Knights

I love Boomer Sooners and Rock Chalk Jayhawk

I love Stewart Mandel and his Mailbag

I love the Back Yard Brawl and Clean Old Fashion Hate

I love the Golden Dome and Touchdown Jesus

I love Rocky Top and Running through the T

I love Yell Practice and the 12th Man

I love Cadets and the Midshipmen

I love Bevo and Ralphie

I love Aztecs, Illini and Utes

I love the Platypus Trophy and The Peace Pipe

I love Hail to the Victors and the Notre Dame Victory March

I love Dixie and the Battle Hymm

I love all of Oregon’s different Jerseys

I love the Keg of Nails and the Milk Can

I love Smelling Roses

I love Hawai’i starting at 12 PM ET

I love the Steel tire and all the Victory Bells

I love the Old Oaken Bucket and Paul Buyan’s Ax

And who cares if it’s imperfect: I love the BCS


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