WWE Extreme Rules 2014 Review: Biggest Stars of the Night

Anthony Mango@@ToeKneeManGoFeatured ColumnistMay 5, 2014

WWE Extreme Rules 2014 Review: Biggest Stars of the Night

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    Credit: WWE.com

    The card for the WWE Extreme Rules 2014 pay-per-view features a lot of big names involved in some high-stakes matches.

    However, not everyone can share the spotlight.

    Only half of the Superstars can win, and everybody will be trying to steal the show to make his or herself the talking point everyone remembers tomorrow.

    Which of those wrestlers stole the show and made themselves stand out as true focal points for the event?

    It's time to review the biggest stars of the evening.

1. Hornswoggle and El Torito

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Who would have thought that the two smallest members of the roster could end up looking like two of the biggest stars of the night?

    The WeeLC match seemed like it was doomed to be nothing but a spectacular mess, but by the end of it, the fans were chanting that it was awesome.

    They were up against the odds, being unable to actually perform a number of the wrestling moves involved in the match.

    However, both Hornswoggle and El Torito—along with the other members of their respective factions of 3MB and Los Matadores—turned this into something entertaining.

2. Cesaro

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    Regular fans of WWE could spot from a mile away that the focal point of the elimination match between Cesaro, Rob Van Dam and Jack Swagger was the Swiss Superman himself.

    This didn't stray from that plan, and everything from getting the last entrance to winning the match was built around Cesaro looking strong.

    While Van Dam and Swagger did not look horribly weak in comparison, the clear standout person here was Cesaro.

    He was able to show off his strength by swinging Swagger, and he hit some innovative moves as well.

    Cesaro has a bright future ahead of him and is clearly a priority at the moment in WWE, so it should be no surprise that he was made to look important here.

3. John Cena

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    Credit: WWE.com

    For the most part, there hasn't been a pay-per-view in years where John Cena wasn't featured as one of the biggest stars.

    That trend is likely to continue for a while longer, as well.

    Throughout the entire match, it was Cena who looked like the better man, as opposed to Bray Wyatt.

    In typical Cena fashion, he continually proved himself stronger than three men that are bigger than him.

    On a similar note, the only reason Cena lost the match was due to the interference, which is expected, given his track record.

    While Wyatt got the victory and this feud is meant to revolve around him, after watching this match, who would you bet your chips on in the future?

    If this were a betting sport, Cena's star power took no hits tonight, and Wyatt looked weaker, so the face of WWE once again comes out ahead.

    People like Cesaro can get some nice victories, but WWE won't budge in showing off that Cena is a top dog above and beyond the rest.

4. Daniel Bryan

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Being almost unarguably the most popular person currently on the WWE roster at the moment as well as the WWE World Heavyweight champion puts you in a place where you're essentially a lock for this list.

    Wrestling in the main event and winning the match against the Big Red Machine is certainly a feather in Daniel Bryan's cap.

    Kane was able to get a few shots in at times, but Bryan was the focal point of this match, as he should have been.

    It is not his most glorious victory. Hopefully, there are bigger challenges to overcome in the future, but Extreme Rules was a good night for Bryan.

5. Evolution

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Each individual member of Evolution is a valuable asset, so combining their worth in the Evolution stable makes them even more important.

    Putting those names in a match against three opponents who are incredibly popular in their own right means that you are pretty much guaranteed to have the attention of the fans.

    Evolution may have lost this match, but they looked strong as well throughout the entirety of it.

    At no point were they made to appear as though they showed up just to lose and put over the younger talent.

    In fact, the crowd was eating this up so much that there were many times in which it seemed like Randy Orton, Triple H and Batista were going to come out on top.

    This match was the true selling point of the event, and these three men more than held up their end of the bargain.

6. The Shield

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    Credit: WWE.com

    The Shield make it onto this list for all of the same reasons that Evolution did, but they are naturally ranked higher up due to the outcome of the bout.

    Winning the match gives The Shield the edge here as the bigger stars, but they share this notoriety with their opponents.

    Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins were all popular members of the roster going into this match, and now that they defeated one of the most dominant factions in WWE history, their stock has risen even more.

    Normally, there's a standout on a team, whom many would have assumed ahead of time would be Reigns, but everyone in The Shield had a great showing at this event.

    What direction they take after Extreme Rules is unknown at the moment, but since these men are continually improving, it should be nowhere but up from here.

    Out of everyone on the show, The Shield will probably be the ones that fans will talk the most about over the next week.

    Who do you think ended up being the biggest stars of the evening?

    Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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