Boise State And Pete: In The Land Of Milk And Honey Moore Was Given

Lace BanachekAnalyst IJune 20, 2009

BOISE , ID - SEPTEMBER 13:  Kellen Moore #11 of the Boise State Broncos waits for the snap against the Bowling Green Falcons at Bronco Stadium on September 13, 2008 in Boise, Idaho.  (Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images)

In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth. God saw that this was good so he created hills upon the earth with lakes running through the lands and this was good, but only after God put fish in the lakes, that is.

God then placed all manner of animal--wolves dear fox and fowl--to walk with them, and the not so foul to soar above them all, and this was really good. But not totally awesome dude! There still was no one made as yet in his image.

But hey! God said let it be and it was, and the new creation was indeed in his image, God thought. Yep it was good. God called his creation Pete, and placed Pete in the midst of all that is good. A place others call paradise, but Pete called it Boise.

Pete knew that Boise had a dairy and there were many cows, so since he was a very smart dude, made in God's image and all, Pete called Boise his main town in a section of earth he roped off as Idaho. Pete claimed this place the land of milk and honey.

Pete loved to talk to his many animal friends but he was lonely, so God put Pete to sleep for many, many years, all the while creating things for Pete that would make the one in his image most happy when he awoke. Pete woke up and lo, he looked all around and it was good.

God created lots of people and some who look a little like Pete and a new breed who didn’t look like Pete at all - some of them were dudes and the others were dudettes. Pete said about the dudettes, “God, this is so really good."

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So Pete looked at all of them and he looked at himself, and he said, "God I am naked." As soon as Pete covered himself in all the right places, God thought there was nothing stopping Pete now from whatever he touches.

Pete’s favorite thing to do was to talk and he had a lot to say. To the many this was not so good, so the people of the land of milk and honey hired Pete to talk as the offensive coordinator of Boise State University’s football team - so that when his day was over, they could all rest and this would be good also.

Pete was very creative in his new job and this gave him much to talk about – in football, the trick plays that Pete liked to use had been asleep for many years.

But Pete woke up the plays and gave them a new age spin, so to speak, and called them gadget plays. The people saw these reborn plays in the greatest football game of all-time, the Fiesta Bowl of 2007, and it was like the best.

Yeah man, even the angels in heaven said, “We can dig it.” Pete was now promoted to head coach of the Broncos.

Now the devil and all his followers were, like, totally ticked, and they started making fun of the color of turf that Boise State Broncos played the good football games on, the blue turf – like God's Rivers and his blue grass in another fine piece of ground that God calls Kentucky.

They even laugh at the other teams that BSU plays with and so the man that God counts on to do good for BSU, Gene, said we will play big name teams for the big bucks like all the big shots. And God, Pete, and the angels all said, “We can dig it."

God brought Boise State many good players, even better than he had brought to Pete before, and this was good, and they won all their games but one and it was by one point. This became the motto for BSU, and Pete now seeks to straighten this mess out.

God said to all, "Whatever Pete seeks he will find, and whatever he asks Moore will be given to him."

God knew that Zabransky and Tharp were out of there, so he sent Pete Kellen and when that was good, God sent Pete Kirby. Thus, God kept his promise to Pete, and all the angels said "Go Broncos" and it was really good and still is today.

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