Eagles Offseason Articles: The Ultimate Guide

Leo PizziniAnalyst IJune 16, 2009

09 Dec 2001 : Philadelphia Eagles flag is presented during the game at Veterans Stadium in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Eagles defeat the Chargers 24-14. DIGITAL IMAGE. Mandatory Credit: Doug Pensinger/Allsport

There has been a lot of excitement amongst Eagles fans this offseason. In the last few months, some really good Eagles articles have been written on Bleacher Report.

With that in mind, I submit this list of links as homework for anyone in need of catching up with the 2009 Eagles season outlook and offseason developments.

I. Divisional, Conference, and League Outlook

Pizzini's NFL Power Poll by Leo Pizzini

NFC Outlook by Anthony Williamson

NFC East Outlook by Brian Joseph

NFC East Outlook by Brian Hagberg

Beast from the East by Leo Pizzini

II. Offseason Review and Predictions

Eagles Offseason Review by Anthony Williamson

Eagles 2009 Draft by Dan Pharzych

Eagles 2009 Draft Picks by Cody Swartz

Eagles Season Preview by Bryn Swartz

Eagles Season Preview by Anthony Williamson

Eagles Season Preview by Geoff Crawley

OTA Wrap-Up by Leo Pizzini

Reasons for Success in 2009 by Cody Swartz

Eagles New Offensive Twists by Brian Joseph

Eagles New Offensive Twists by Leo Pizzini

Offseason Defensive Review by Paul Dowds 

III. Coaches

Coaching Profile by Bob Cunningham

Coaches Profile by Bryn Swartz

Andy Reid's Window of Opportunity by Brian Joseph

Andy Reid by Leo Pizzini

Jimmy Johnson by Kevin Noonan

Sean McDermott by Dan Bandekow

Brian Stewart by Bob Cunningham

IV. Quarterbacks

Donovan McNabb's New Deal by Bob Cunningham

Donovan McNabb by Anthony Williamson

Comparing McNabb to Other NFL Quarterbacks by Bob Cunningham

Kevin Kolb and the Future at QB by Leo Pizzini 

V. Running Backs

The Eagles' Running Backs by Leo Pizzini

The Brian Westbrook Injury by Leo Pizzini

LeSean McCoy by Leo Pizzini

Booker and McCoy by Travis Boyer

VI. Wide Receivers

Eagles Receivers by Dan Pharzych

Make a Move for a Receiver by Dan Pharzych

Wide Receiver by Leo Pizzini

Hank Baskett by Leo Pizzini

Jeremy Maclin by Leo Pizzini

Jason Avant by Dan Bandekow

Reggie Brown by Dan Bandekow

VII. Offensive Line

The Eagles' Big Offensive Line by Kevin Noonan

New Look Offensive Line by Kevin Noonan

New Look Offensive Line by Matthew Wysocki

VIII. Tight End

Brent Celek by Leo Pizzini

Need for a Blocking Tight End by Bob Cunningham

Cornelius Ingram by Leo Pizzini

Eugene Bright by Leo Pizzini

IX. Defensive Secondary

The Defensive Backfield by Leo Pizzini

Brian Dawkins by Bryn Swartz

Sheldon Brown by Leo Pizzini

Victor Harris by Leo Pizzini

Sean Jones by Orlando Morales

X. Linebackers

The Eagles' Linebackers by Leo Pizzini

The Eagles' Linebackers by Travis Boyer

XI. Defensive Line

Trent Cole and the Defensive Line by Leo Pizzini

XII. Special Teams

Kick and Punt Return by Cody Swartz

XIII Fantasy Football

Fantasy Predictions by Leo Pizzini

Eagles Receivers by Taylor Rummel

XIV. Historic Teams

2006 Eagles by Dan Pharzych

2001 Eagles by Orlancdo Morales

2000 Eagles by Travis Boyer

1988 Eagles by Lloyd Vance

1995 Eagles by Todd Orodenker

1991 Eagles by Geoff Crawley

1990 Eagles by Leo Pizzini

1988 Fog Bowl by Kevin Noonan

1960 Eagles by Bryn Swartz


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