Twitter Reacts to Rumors of the Knicks and Phil Jackson Meeting

Matt Appel@@mattappelContributor IIMarch 7, 2014

Could Phil Jackson resume his coaching career in New York? At the time being, that seems unlikely
Could Phil Jackson resume his coaching career in New York? At the time being, that seems unlikelyTony Gutierrez/Associated Press

Phil Jackson started his NBA playing career with the New York Knicks, and if the current brass in Gotham has their way, his coaching career might make a stop there as well. 

According to reports from various media sources, Knicks president and general manager Steve Mills met two weeks ago with the 11-time championship-winning coach about a possible upcoming vacancy. 

Jax-to-New York has been a dream of the Knicks organization for some time, and why not? No coach has ever won more championships, and few have ever demonstrated such an ability to work with major personalities (Michael Jordan, Shaquille O'Neal, Kobe Bryant) and still dominate.

However, it appears as if the "Zen Master" is not interested in being Mike Woodson's successor. 

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And can you really blame him? The team on the court is a mess, its best player might be departing soon in free agency and its struggles in putting together a competent front office have been well documented. Many of those who cover the league, and the Knicks specifically, can't see this potential marriage making much sense.

The best string of tweets of the day came from Bergen Record Knicks/NBA Beat Writer Steve Popper. His thoughts are less than flattering about the Knicks' offer to Jackson.

So coaching seems unlikely, but could a front office position be enticing to Jackson? The Knicks would certainly not be opposed to having him come aboard in any way possible, and the 68-year old might not want to deal with the daily grind of being on the bench. 

Jackson would obviously be a huge step in the right direction for a team and an organization that has fallen from grace in less than a year. However, as Tim Bontemps, who covers the Nets for the New York Post, says, the franchise must pick a course and stick to it in order to turn the ship around.

It would be uber-surprising if Jackson returns to coach for New York, or anyone for that matter. A front-office job is way more likely, but that still seems like somewhat of a reach. The man is one of the most successful coaches ever; what else does he have to prove? 

Even if he does decide to join the management for the Knickerbockers, the question then becomes what exactly Jackson's value is of a team that should highly be considering rebuilding. Jackson has never been known as a guy who takes his time to construct a team from the ground up. If Carmelo departs in the offseason, that will be the exact situation occurring at MSG.

Steve Mills and James Dolan have a project cut out for themselves moving forward, with or without Jackson. At least with him, there would be a little bit of a silver lining to a season that has left a very disgruntled fan base questioning where the organization is headed.