Boise State Broncos Losing Players, Not Making Excuses or Losing Heart

Lace BanachekAnalyst IJune 11, 2009

Former Oregon Duck players no doubt left the team because they were not good enough to start. Too bad—the departed Justin Roper, etc., were replaced by better players, and they did not want to fight for second place. EGO!

The Broncos have that to put up with themselves. In 2007 Nick Lomax, the son of NFL superstar quarterback, Neil Lomax was third string, losing out to Taylor Tharp and Bush Hamden. Oh well; surely by 2008 he would get his shot.

It didn’t happen once again, as super freshman Kellen Moore won the honors to start, and that was the final straw for the 6'7" Nick Lomax. Lomax was a great quarterback. He just was not good enough to best Moore.

Well, Oregon’s Roper and Chris Harper couldn’t beat out Jeremiah Masoli or apparently anyone who mattered, so they left. The Boise State Broncos had seven walk-ons who left the team because they could not beat out the talent or special circumstance.

Oh well, we’re gonna miss them, but in all seriousness there were two that left the team this week that will be deeply missed. The first being tight end Josh Hill!

Josh transferred to Idaho State, where he will get a fine education and will get to start at tight end. It's not that Josh wasn’t any good—my god, he hauled in a sweet 67-yarder for a touchdown from backup QB Mike Coughlin.

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The problem is there is just too much competition at tight end in '09, and in 2010 Trevor Peterson will be coming off his redshirt. Yeah buddy, what can you do but boogie?

Next was the traveling certificate made out to Drew Hawkins, last year's redshirt quarterback and a potential for wideout had he not hit himself in the head playing baseball.

Concussion times a few too many, and Drew is on his way back to Colorado. Young Hawkins had crazy legs—he could make stuff happen where there was no potential. He was gifted, and Bronco fans will miss him.

Jake Densley, a very good defensive lineman, appeared he would be able to make the team this year, but the Boise Staters are just too manned, so after one year of hanging around he is gone.

If it was just one player that would keep Jake off the blue, that player would be another walk-on, J.C. Percy, who may end up starting if he gets any better.

The bottom line is, the Broncos are deeper in talent then most people, media, and even some fans realize. What are you gonna do? What can you do but extend a hand, bid good luck, and get on with it?

Heck, in eight more months the Boise State Broncos will be celebrating the newest signings to the 2010 football team. According to interest of some pretty talented kids, Bronco fans will be hoo-rah-ing big time, and that will be another story.

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