Denver Airport Uses Peyton Manning's 'Omaha!' Call, Trolls Seattle on Twitter

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterJanuary 28, 2014


You say “tomato,” Peyton Manning says the name of a city in Nebraska.

If for some reason you’ve been stuck in a salt mine for the past several months, you may not know that Manning has taken to repeatedly using a certain audible cue in running the Denver Broncos offense.

The cue is the word “Omaha,” which he yells repeatedly in the moments leading up to the snap. This term has become a topic of discussion, to say the least.

Why does he say it? What does it mean? Why does my flight to Nebraska touch down in “Omaha!”?

These are all viable questions, and the last one is not a joke. Flights leaving the Denver International Airport bound for Omaha, Neb., now arrive in “Omaha!” according to Rodger Sherman of SB Nation.

Football fans making their way through DIA have stopped and taken pictures of travel schedules and gate markers, which proudly display Manning’s signature audible cue.

Indeed, Denver International is taking this “Omaha!” business to the next level, which isn’t surprising once you've taken a gander at the airfield's recent social media usage. In addition to tinkering with its flight monikers, Denver International has also begun talking smack to Seattle’s Sea-Tac Airport over Twitter. 

Sea-Tac didn’t respond directly, instead opting to let its loyal clientele ride out on Denver International.

Just to recap: Businesses in charge of sending people thousands of feet into the sky and landing them safely on the other side of the world are now trolling each other on social media. Isn’t 2014 great?

Don’t count on these shenanigans to stop. The trash talking and “Omaha!” stuff will likely continue until the dirt settles Sunday night.

In the meantime, enjoy your trips to “Omaha!”—a city that has no idea what it did to deserve all this publicity but appreciates the shout-out. 

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