Internet Starts 'Wallacing' Meme Mocking Ole Miss QB Bo Wallace

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterDecember 2, 2013


Just when you think you can’t feel any lower, the denizens of the Internet step in and prove you wrong.

This appears to be the case for Ole Miss quarterback Bo Wallace, who surrendered a gut-churning fumble in overtime against Mississippi State Thursday. The turnover gifted an unlikely Egg Bowl victory to the Bulldogs and left the Ole Miss quarterback lying belly down in his opponent’s end zone.

Since the game, images of Wallace lying prostrate on the field have prompted a new meme called “Wallacing.” Nina Mandell of For The Win spotted this "fad," which is being spread by Internet users, many appearing to be Mississippi State fans.

The meme consists of people lying face-down on the ground, with a football resting just out of reach. Photos of people “Wallacing” in different places continue to crop up on the Internet.

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Marinading in that victory, are we, Mississippi State?

Generally speaking, memes are typically based around funny or strange poses and ideas. Digging at a quarterback over a forced fumble seems like a bit of a reach—especially when your team won the game.

Unsurprisingly, a Twitter account has been created referencing the fumble. So far it has tweeted one message, saying Wallace and Alabama kicker Cade Foster should become friends.

Of course, Ole Miss fans haven’t taken the meme lying down (no pun intended), and some have shot back remarks referencing the occasion when Mississippi State players fell down while running out onto the field during their 2012 season opener.

Shots have been fired on both sides. Will Wallacing last? Probably not, but Ole Miss will have to bear its bitter taste for a while.

Mississippi State, meanwhile, will be heading to its fourth straight bowl game. According to Michael Bonner of the Clarion Ledger, the Bulldogs will be playing in either the Liberty Bowl in Memphis or the BBVA Compass Bowl in Birmingham.

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