WWE/TNA: ECW Epics (May 26th)

Scott BeebySenior Analyst IMay 27, 2009

Welcome to the new series WWE/TNA where we have a look at what it would be like if the two biggest wrestling companies in USA joined together to form one awesome company.

This is the first edition of ECW Epics and I would really appreciate some feedback about it.

 I hope you enjoy it.


Hello and welcome to the first episode of ECW Epics live from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania!

We have a great show in store for you here tonight!

Paul Heyman will be making his first public address since becoming the new general manager and we’ve been informed that there will be 4 former ECW champions involved in the main event.

I can’t wait for the action! How about you, Matt?


Matt Striker:

It’s definitely going to be a memorable evening, that’s for sure!

Tonight’s ECW marks the first occasion since the amalgamation of TNA and WWE, so I’m sure we will get to see some fast paced, hardcore action, live on Sci Fi!

Out comes Paul Heyman accompanied by his assistant Tiffany to a huge pop from the crowd.

Paul Heyman:

On behalf of the WWE and TNA, I would like to welcome you all to the first edition of ECW Epics.



Paul Heyman:

As my first point of order, I would like to resolve a problem we have with the recently vacated ECW championship.

That title belt is the crown jewel of this show and someone needs to wear it.

That’s why at the next PPV, there will be an ECW Extreme Rules championship match!

There will be 2 matches taking place tonight to determine the participants in that match.

First of all we will see ‘The Animal’ Batista vs. ‘The Blueprint’ Matt Morgan and the second will include Bobby Lashley taking on Christian.

Also, tonight there will be a special Extreme Rules preview.

At the next PPV, there will be an Ultimate X match for the Intercontinental championship.

Rey Mysterio will be defending the belt against Suicide, The Amazing Red and ‘The Gold Standard’ Shelton Benjamin.

So, tonight the four of them will participate in a fatal four way match.

Tonight’s main event will see old rivals Tommy Dreamer and Raven go at it once again.

They will each be choosing a tag team partner for the tag team table match later on.

Paul goes to the back as we see Raven watching a monitor in the locker room. Raven has a wicked smile on his face as we go to a break.

Match One: R Truth vs. Umaga

R-Truth starts off with a flurry of moves to try and get Umaga off his feet. He attempts a corkscrew flying forearm as well, but is hit with an upper cut which knocks him to the ground. Umaga lifts him off the mat by his throat and hits a Samoan drop.

Umaga again picks him up and throws him into the corner. Umaga headbutts R-Truth, who falls to the ground. Umaga props his head against the bottom turnbuckle, walks to the opposite corner and runs at R-Truth full speed to deliver a hip to the head.

R Truth’s head whiplashes and he drops onto his back motionless.

Umaga picks him up yet again and gives him a Samoan spike. 1... 2... 3!

Winner: Umaga

Officials help R-Truth backstage as we see Tommy Dreamer approach a locker room door.

He knocks on the door and it opens to reveal Mick Foley.

Dreamer asks him if he feels like kickin’ some ass in the name of ECW and Foley agrees.

Back to ringside and the tag team champions Beer Money Inc are standing in the ring with microphones in hand.

James Storm:

We are sick and tired of all the poor excuses for tag teams in this business.

It’s becoming almost embarrassing to destroy them week after week.

No one really deserves a shot at our title belts but we’re feeling generous today.

Robert Roode:

That is why we are here to issue a challenge to all you losers in the back.

If there’s anyone out there that thinks they deserve a shot at the championship, then we’ll be waiting right here next week to take them on.

The Hart Trilogy’s music hits as they walk down the ramp.

Natalya Neidhart:

My boys here would be more than happy to beat your sorry asses next week. That is unless you don’t want to face the legendary Hart family?

L.A.X.’s music hits as they also walk to the ring.


“Legendary Hart family”? The only thing that they will have to worry about is the Latin American Exchange!

Heyman comes back to the stage.

Paul Heyman:

If you guys all so desperately want a match for the Tag Team championships, then why not have a hardcore triple threat tag match right here next week?

Heyman walks off as the wrestlers stare each other down. Commercial break.

Back from commercials and Raven is briefly shown talking to Shane Douglas.

Match Two: Batista vs. Matt Morgan

The two lock up and struggle to push one another into a corner. They break the hold and start to punch each other. The crowd is really getting into the match. The wrestlers alternate punches. Every time Batista lands a hit the crowd cheer and every time Morgan punches, they boo.

Batista gets the upper hand and whips Morgan into the ropes. As Morgan rebounds off the ropes, he is hit with a clothesline from Batista. Batista holds Morgan’s head and helps him to his feet, then he sets up for a Batista Bomb.

Morgan scurries away from Batista realising what almost happened. He collects himself and charges at Batista. As he reaches Batista he is picked up and hit with a huge spinebuster!

Batista approaches the ring ropes and does his thumbs up, thumbs down taunt.

Batista waits for Morgan to get up and blindsides him with a spear and the pin.

Winner: Batista

Batista celebrates his victory and heads up the ramp.

Match Three: Mickie James vs. Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix

Just before the match starts, Knockouts champion ODB comes to the commentators table as a guest speaker. Ad break.

The three women are all staring down each other, waiting for someone to make the first move. Beth starts to move towards Kelly, when Kelly and Mickie double team her. Beth is forced into a corner and receives several knife edge chops from the other divas.

Kelly steps back a few steps and hits a handspring elbow on Beth. Mickie follows that with a hurricanrana.

Kelly and Mickie both try to pin Beth, but end up fighting each other. Beth gets up and hits Mickie with an elbow. Mickie drops to the mat clutching her face.

Kelly runs at Beth and hits a cross body splash. She pins Beth for a close two count. They both roll around on the ground hitting and pulling at each other’s hair and screaming in pain.

Victoria comes from backstage and rushes the ring to attack Mickie James. The ref sees it and calls for an end to the match.

Winner by DQ: Mickie James

Victoria walks over to the announcer and grabs the microphone.


Why the hell was I not in this match? I’m better than any of these wannabe divas!

I want some answers!

ECW Assistant General Manager Tiffany emerges from the back.


Since you feel so strongly about the matter, I’m going to grant you your wish.

I’ve been instructed to tell you that next week on ECW Epics, you will be in a number one contenders match against Mickie James.

The winner of the match will receive a Knockouts championship match against ODB sometime in the future.

Match Four: Bobby Lashley vs. Christian                            

The crowd is cheering for Christian as the match begins.

There’s a lot of back and forth action between the two. Lashley picks Christian up and performs a Gutbuster on him. Christian gets up and is immediately hit with an exploder suplex. Lashley goes for the pin and gets a 2 count.

Christian rises to his feet holding his stomach. He kicks Lashley in the gut and puts him in a facelock. Christian gives Lashley a DDT and climbs to the top of the nearest corner turnbuckle. He hits Lashley with a body splash and goes for a pin. Lashley kicks out just as the referee’s hand was coming down for the third time.

Christian is in severe pain as he gets up. Lashley gets up and is hit with a European Uppercut, then Christian locks in and hits the Killswitch. 1... 2... 3!

Winner: Christian

Christian walks to the back still clutching at his stomach. Another commercial break.

Match Five: Rey Mysterio vs. Suicide vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. The Amazing Red

The match starts with each man in their corner. Benjamin attacks Suicide, and Mysterio and The Amazing Red lock up. Benjamin delivers a series of knees and punches, and then whips Suicides into the ropes where he clotheslines him to the floor. As Suicide staggers to his feet, Benjamin does a suicide dive right on top of him!

Meanwhile in the ring, Mysterio and Red are still going at it. Mysterio performs a hurricanrana to set Red up on the ropes for the 619. Just as Mysterio is running towards the ropes, Red gets out of the way. Red performs a dropkick to Mysterio, and immediately climbs the corner turnbuckle.

He does a corkscrew senton on top of Mysterio, and follows that up with a standing shooting star press and goes for the pin. 1... 2... interference by Benjamin to stop the count.

Suicide climbs to the top of another corner turnbuckle. Benjamin sees him and performs a vertical leap followed by a superplex. Suicide is thrown and lands on The Amazing Red.

Mysterio struggles to get up when Benjamin hits him with Paydirt and the pin. 1... 2... 3!

Winner: Shelton Benjamin

Main Event: Tommy Dreamer/Mick Foley vs. Raven/Shane Douglas

Dreamer goes straight for Raven as the bell rings. He hits him with lefts, rights and an uppercut. Raven is reeling backwards from the attack and he walks into the ropes. Dreamer runs at Raven and they both go over the top rope, falling to the floor below.

Douglas and Foley are left in the ring to fight. A full on brawl breaks out between them. There are no wrestle manoeuvres being used, just punches and kicks.

Foley headbutts Douglas, who falls to the mat dazed. Foley goes to the floor to search under the ring. He emerges with a small black bag that he puts in a corner.

Outside the ring, Raven grabs a steel chair and hits Dreamer over the head with it. Dreamer falls to the ground and Raven continues to hit the defenceless Dreamer. Foley comes to the rescue, grabbing the chair from Raven and hitting him with it.

He throws the chair away and gets the ringside bell. Douglas comes at Foley while his back is turned, but Foley sees movement from the corner of his eye and turns around with the bell raised, ready to attack. The bell connects with Douglas’ head, as he collapses on the ground unconscious. Foley is the only man still standing.

Foley drops the bell and goes back to the bag that he placed in the corner. He climbs into the ring and opens the bag to reveals thousands of thumbtacks. He empties the bag onto the mat.

Dreamer gets to his feet and clears the announcers table.

Raven also stumbles to his feet to get revenge on Foley. Raven rushes the ring and goes for foley when he is hit by a thunderous right hand from Foley. Foley picks up Raven from the mat.

Simultaneously, Dreamer picks up Douglas from the floor.

Foley hits the Double Arm DDT on Raven, who goes face first into the pile of thumbtacks.

Dreamer hits the Dreamer Driver on Shane Douglas, who goes through the announcer’s table.

Winner: Tommy Dreamer/Mick Foley

Dreamer and Foley are celebrating when they get attacked by a bloody Raven.

Screen fades out with Raven still on the attack.


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