Ohio State Clobbers Purdue, but What Impact Will Blowout Have on BCS Standings?

Randy ChambersAnalyst INovember 2, 2013

Good job, good effort, Ohio State.

A 56-0 victory over Purdue was fun to watch. The four touchdowns in the first quarter aren't something you usually see every day, the 640 total yards are eye-popping and the 56-point win is one of the larger margins of victory you'll see this week.

The video-game numbers are cool to witness in real life, but none of it means a lot when you look at the big picture. Let's be serious, a high school football team could give 1-7 Purdue a run for its money.

The Boilermakers have now lost six games in a row, and most of them weren't even close. They can't do anything right on either side of the ball, and Ohio State pretty much did what it was supposed to do by beating their brains in.

The Buckeyes keep taking care of business, but it's tough for them to get noticed against this weak competition. Currently ranked fourth in the BCS rankings, it's nearly impossible for them to climb up the ladder. Blowouts or not, Urban Meyer's squad is fighting a losing battle.

It's like playing a game of basketball against your kid. You know you could block every shot, but does it really make you the bigger person to win the game by 78 points? Pick on somebody your own size.

Granted, this isn't Ohio State's fault, but under the current BCS system, these are the rules everybody has to play by until the much-needed playoff format is introduced next season. The Buckeyes aren't moving up the rankings until a respectable team shares the same field with them. Looking at the final three regular season games, only Michigan looks like a decent opponent.

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Like it or not, Alabama is going to remain the top-rated team until proven otherwise. The Tide are the defending national champions, they play in the SEC and a majority believe they could beat any team in the country on a neutral field. That will probably be the case unless something catastrophic happens. 

Oregon and Florida State continue to battle it out for the second spot. But despite the flip-flopping, both teams have the advantage over Ohio State. Oregon will play Stanford on Thursday, a Top Five team. A victory there will solidify the Ducks as a legitimate title contender. Keep in mind that they also have wins against ranked UCLA and Washington.

Florida State already destroyed a solid Clemson team and plays a top-10 squad in Miami on Saturday night. Two possible wins over elite competition are a lot more impressive than Ohio State bullying unranked opponents or teams barely ranked outside of the Top 20.

The Buckeyes know the only way to make up ground with the BCS is to trample teams like they did Saturday against Purdue. But truthfully, unless Oregon or Florida State (or both) lose, they're probably going to be left out in the cold once again when it's time to announce the two teams that will play for the crystal football.

Lighting up the scoreboard is sexy and fun for the fans, but Ohio State will need help to reach the big game.