MLB Power Rankings 5/25

Jake WestrichSenior Writer IMay 25, 2009

WhatIfSports.com utilizes its award-winning baseball simulation engine to present the most comprehensive and unbiased ranking possible of all 30 teams in baseball each Monday during the regular season.

To come up with the rankings, using only their statistical performance to date this season, each team is simulated against every other team 100 times—50 at home and 50 at the opposing ballpark—so that all five pitchers in the current rotation start 10 times at each location.

(Note:This means that if a pitcher who was in the rotation was recently put on the DL, he will not be included in the simulations. This is true of position players as well, but an injury to one position player will usually have a lesser impact on the week-to-week results.)

Teams Ranked by Winning Percentage
(everyone plays everyone 100 times)

 TeamChangeWin PctRS/GRA/G
1.Los Angeles Dodgers+
2.Toronto Blue Jays-
3.New York Mets-
4.Texas Rangers-
5.Tampa Bay Rays+
6.Detroit Tigers+1056.74.94.2
7.Milwaukee Brewers-
8.St. Louis Cardinals+
9.Los Angeles Angels-
10.Atlanta Braves-
 TeamChangeWin PctRS/GRA/G
11.Kansas City Royals-
12.Cincinnati Reds-551.14.84.6
13.Minnesota Twins+650.25.04.9
14.New York Yankees-
15.Boston Red Sox-349.65.35.3
16.Chicago Cubs-
17.Philadelphia Phillies-
18.Pittsburgh Pirates-
19.Colorado Rockies-446.44.75.0
20.Washington Nationals+545.85.05.7
 TeamChangeWin PctRS/GRA/G
21.Arizona Diamondbacks-
22.Cleveland Indians-
23.Houston Astros+
24.Seattle Mariners-341.63.74.5
25.San Diego Padres+
26.Baltimore Orioles-341.14.65.7
27.Florida Marlins-
28.Oakland Athletics+
29.San Francisco Giants-
30.Chicago White Sox-
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