The Most Absurd Guinness World Records in Sports

Sean Evans@@seanseaevansContributor IIIOctober 29, 2013

The Most Absurd Guinness World Records in Sports

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    Sports are all about rarified humans performing amazing feats, and no one organizes athletic anomalies like the Guinness Book of World Records. 

    This annual reference book is a veritable catalog in human achievement, however ridiculous.

    From amazing accomplishments to downright goofy ventures, these are the most absurd Guinness World Records in sports.

Fastest Serve of a Tennis Ball: 163.4 Miles Per Hour

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    Record Holder: Samuel Groth 

    During a 2012 ATP Challenger event in Busan, South Korea, Samuel Groth delivers a serve that rivals the top-end speed of a Porsche 911 Turbo SE. 

    As you might guess, the serve isn't returned. In fact, the ball rips through the stadium wall and ends up landing in the East China Sea some six miles off shore.

    The Happy Gilmore of tennis might not be the most well rounded player in the world, but he can put on a show.

Fastest 100M on a Skateboard by a Dog: 19.67 Seconds

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    Record Holder: Tillman 

    During X Games XV in Los Angeles, Tillman—an English Bulldogskateboards a 100M stretch of concrete in less than 20 seconds. 

    To be fair though, that low center of gravity does give him a decided advantage over other breeds. Let us know when you learn something useful, Tillman. 

Most Martial Arts Punch Strikes in One Minute: 347 Punches

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    Record Holder: Anthony Kelly 

    We love Guinness, but its record system is fundamentally flawed. Many of Guinness' so-called "records" seem so niche that they've probably only been attempted by the people that claim them. 

    If you want to set a Guinness World Record by, say, this afternoon, chug a 32-ounce Monster Energy drink and go to town on a punch mitt. You'll dethrone Anthony Kelly faster than Angelina did Jennifer.

    We don't want to take anything away from this guy's martial arts acumen, but c'mon.

The Fastest 100M Dash on All Fours: 17.47 Seconds

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    Record Holder: Kenichi 

    Granted, this is one of the most absurd records on this list, but bear crawling the length of a soccer field in under 20 seconds is no joke. 

    After reading the headline, you probably expect the competitor to have pronounced traps and Moe Green's legs. Instead, he looks like a guy who lives on a steady diet of Gushers and X-Box Live.

    What the Guinness Book of World Records lacks in substance, it makes up for with surprises.

Most Expensive Baseball Card Sold at Auction: T206 Honus Wagner ($2.8 Million)

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    Record Holder: Honus Wagner 

    For whatever reason, this yearbook picture of Honus Wagner turns baseball card collectors on as though it comes with a free Beer of the Month Club membership and Kate Upton. 

    In 2007, an anonymous collector shells out close to $3,000,000 for this rare piece of baseball memorabilia at auction. 

    $2.8M for a baseball card!? We understand why this guy wants to go unnamed.

Most One-Finger Push Ups in 30 Seconds: 41

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    Record Holder: Xie Guizhong 

    So you run a seven-minute mile and can bench press your body weight, huh? 

    Well, this guy can do more push-ups on his index finger than most guys can do on their knees.

    Unless you're doing handstand hill runs or kettlebell swings with your nose, it's time to reevaluate your fitness goals.

    So you run a seven-minute mile and can bench press your body weight, huh? 

    Well, this guy can do more push-ups on his index finger than most guys can do on their knees.

    Unless you're doing handstand hill runs or kettle bell swings with your nose, it's time to reevaluate your fitness goals.

Fastest 100M Dash in High Heels: 14.531 Seconds

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    Record Holder: Julia Plecher 

    Honestly, this woman has nothing on my Aunt Pam when the doors open on a "Black Friday" sale at Target. She can make it from the mall parking lot to the last PlayStation 4 in the building faster than you can say "layaway." 

    That said, this woman has definitely missed a city bus or two in her day. This is the look of an ad agency executive who's not going to let the slow service at Starbucks prevent her from making an 8 a.m. meeting.

    Record Holder: Julia Plecher

Loudest Crowd Noise at an Outdoor Sports Stadium: 137.5 Decibels

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    Record Holder: Arrowhead Stadium 

    Kansas City Chiefs fans haven't had much to celebrate over the last 10 years. And apparently, the Arrowhead Stadium faithful purge a decade's worth of misery with carnal screams and thunderous foot stomps.

    During a 2013 game against the Oakland Raiders, Chiefs' safety Husain Abdullah returns an interception for a touchdown, eliciting a 137.5-decibel response from the hometown crowd. 

    According to Galen Carol Audio, that's roughly the equivalent of a jet engine at 100 feet and capable of causing "permanent damage" to the ears.

Farthest Dunk with a Basketball (Trampoline): 25 Feet, Five Inches

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    Record Holder: Thilo Schwarck 

    Trampoline schmampoline. We don't care if this guy was shot out of a cannon, dunking a basketball from beyond the 3-point line is newsworthy. 

    As the NBA Slam Dunk Contest grows increasingly stale with each passing year, the league would be wise to introduce a spring-loaded death trap to the festivities. 

    A lineup of Nate Robinson, Shannon Brown and an industrial sized trampoline would draw Super Bowl-like ratings.

The Heaviest Competing Sportswoman: Sharran Alexander (448 Pounds)

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    Record Holder: Sharran Alexander 

    Sharran Alexander is the largest competitor (male or female) at the 2011 U.S. Sumo Open, which is like being the drunkest person at a Kid Rock concert. 

    She admits that she originally found the distinction "embarrassing," but now displays her Guinness World Record plaque in her living room.

    At the 2011 US Sumo Open I was the heaviest competitor, male or female

Most Half-Court Shots Made in One Minute: 10

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    Record Holder: Adam Beatrice 

    After hitting 10 of his first 18 shots, Adam Beatrice goes ice cold from long range.

    But this random bro still shoots considerably better from half court than Dwight Howard does from the free throw line. 

Biggest Wave Ever Surfed: 100 Feet

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    Record Holder: Garrett McNamara 

    Typically, when people encounter waves of this magnitude, they scream "Mayday!" into a radio and dive head first into the nearest life jacket.

    Garret McNamara has the passion of Patrick Swayze in Point Break and the palpable confidence of Patrick Swayze in Road House

    If you're doing the math, that makes for one absurdly adventurous, borderline psychotic badass.

    Record Holder: Garrett McNamara

The Oldest Competing Gymnast: Johanna Quaas (86-Years-Old)

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    Record Holder: Johanna Quaas 

    Johanna Quaas is a dozen or so presidential administrations removed from competing at a high level, but—in some respects—this floor routine is as impressive as Gabby Douglas' performance in the London 2012 Summer Olympics. 

    This woman was in her athletic prime during Germany's WWII surrender, and she can still do a walking handstand.

    You go, Johanna!


    gabby douglas

Most Free Throws Made in One Hour: 2,371

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    Record Holder: Bob J. Fisher 

    Bob J. Fischer collects free throw records like Quincy Jones wins Grammy awards.

    With his rapid-fire delivery (see video), Fischer holds more than a dozen Guinness World Records in total, and none are more impressive than his 2,371 made attempts in an hour.

    To put that into perspective, that's more converted free throws than LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul, Dwyane Wade, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant had all last season combined.

    Bob J. Fisher 

Most Highly Insured Hair: Troy Polamalu ($1,000,000)

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    Record Holder: Troy Polamalu 

    The shampoo juggernaut Head & Shoulders thinks so much of Troy Polamalu's locks that they've insured his hair for $1,000,000. 

    How's your life going?


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