Philadelphia 76ers' Long-Term Plan

Shady BotrosAnalyst IMay 23, 2009

PHILADELPHIA - APRIL 30: Marreese Speights #16 of the Philadelphia 76ers walks down the court with his jersey over his head against the Orlando Magic during  Game Six of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals at Wachovia Center on April 30, 2009 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement.  (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)

As you read in my previous article, the 76ers have many options in a weak draft, but outside of the draft, they have very little options.

I am going to propose a long-term plan for GM Ed Stefanski. Many of you may disagree with my plan, but I have gone over a lot of other plans, and this plan is the only way that the Sixers can become relevant again.

For the Sixers to become relevant again, they would have to tank a season and try to get a high lottery pick. Many of you, however, will say the chances that the Sixers get the highest pick are only 25 percent.

If you look at all the team remaining in the playoffs, all of them have at least one superstar player.

The Los Angeles Lakers have Kobe Bryant, who was drafted 13th overall.

The Magic have Dwight Howard, who was drafted first overall to be the franchise player.

The Nuggets have Carmelo Anthony and Chauncey Billups, and both were drafted third overall, and, of course, the Cleveland Cavaliers have the great LeBron James, who was drafted first overall. Unlike the NFL, it is very tough to find a late pick gem in the NBA draft.

The Sixers do not have one player on the roster, besides Elton Brand, picked first overall and has been an All-Star.

Now this is a very risky plan, as there is no guarantee that the Sixers get the top pick. But, remember when the Boston Celtics were being criticized for tanking the end of the season?

Well they got the sixth pick in the draft and traded it for Ray Allen and traded the next young, great center, Al Jefferson, for Kevin Garnett. The tanking ended up resulting in a championship. I am not going to propose any names for a trade, because NBA trade talk is in the time of misinformation, but they can trade Dalambert and get rid of his contact.

They could even try to trade Elton Brand by the trade deadline. Brand would be a great pickup for a contending team come playoff time. It would be tough, but it would clear the team’s cap space for the 2010 free agent class. 

There is no LeBron James coming to Philly. However, if they trade Dalambert or Brand, they might be able to peruse other free agents who may help the team, in terms of needs.

If the Sixers get lucky in the lottery in a strong draft class, they may have themselves a franchise superstar. I don't believe young teams making the playoffs is always a good thing. If you miss the playoffs, you can pick in the lottery.

The roster is not that bad, but the Sixers do not have a go-to guy, especially in the post, and that’s why I think they should stick with Elton Brand, unless the right offer is made. It seems that in the NBA, you can’t get it done without that superstar. Wouldn’t you rather see the Sixers take a few steps back and maybe land a potential superstar that would make them relevant again?

The Cleveland Cavaliers and the San Antonio Spurs hit the jackpot, but the Detroit Pistons (Darko Millicic) did not, which makes it risky. I would like to get Sixers' fan opinions on the very uncertain future of the team.


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