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William Del PilarContributor IMay 23, 2009

MINNEAPOLIS - DECEMBER 28:   Adrian Peterson #28 of the Minnesota Vikings runs the ball in for a touchdown as James Butler of the New York Giants defends on December 28, 2008 at the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Vikings defeated the Giants 20-19. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

Sadly, my week that started so great ended badly. Nothing bad in my life, it just didn't pan out in carrying out some projects.

Sigh, what can you say when a curveball comes your way? You swing and hear a big "pfft" of bat hitting nothing but empty air! That's why we call it life, but we have a great holiday weekend coming up!

As we enter Memorial Day weekend, be safe, have fun and enjoy the fact we live in the greatest country in the world.

Before we get to my blog, I want to congratulate my dear friend Evian "Chico" Rivera, who is graduating this week from San Diego State. Congratulations, brother! It took awhile, but you've done it!

HC Tom Cable, Oakland Raiders, on Michael Vick: "I'm not going to go there." Do a search on Vick and you'll see headlines such as "Jerry Jones: Cowboys not a contender for Michael Vick," "49ers might bite on Michael Vick after ban," "Letter: No place for Vick with Patriots" and on and on.

However, Cable, who was with Vick in Atlanta, states football is secondary right now but did not come out and say they have no interest. This is classic Raiders as owner Al Davis loves to give players another shot.

The assumption is the player has a chip on his shoulder to prove everyone wrong. Vick IMHO would upgrade the position.

Sure Jeff Garcia is there, but he's older and limited, and JaMarcus Russell will never live up to draft expectations. If Russell fails this season, never say never!

HC Eric Mangini, Cleveland Browns, on the quarterback battle: "Brady will get the first reps today." According to Mangini, Brady Quinn has the early lead in the quarterback battle, but Mangini is keeping it fair with remarks such as "Not that Derek hasn't done well, but [Quinn] gets the first reps."

I think it's Quinn's job to lose. The team knows what it has in Derek Anderson and needs to see if Quinn can be the QB of the future or show enough for Cleveland to trade Anderson.

Quinn is not as good as the prognosticators believed he was when drafted, but the Browns have to give him a shot. I'm not sure how good he can be with the team around him, but because of that, I'm staying away from either player come draft day.

RB Adrian Peterson, Minnesota Vikings, on gaining weight: "God willing [I will get to] 225, 230..." Peterson wants to get bigger as he's a physical running back. I can't blame him. Fans forget, as a season wears on players lose weight and get weaker every week.

As fans, we don't think about a season in its entirety and how this violent game wears the players down. I think this is a great goal for him, and if anything maybe it helps with his durability as the season wears on.

He's this year's No. 1 overall fantasy player; he's not an exciting No. 1 IMHO, but he is someone worthy of the pick. Gaining the weight will help.

Frank Gore on sharing the carries: "... the more I touch the ball, the better player I am." The 49ers drafted Glen Coffee with their third-round pick, and many believe it could become a time share.

However, Gore doesn't necessarily agree, and head coach Mike Singletary talks about having someone give Gore a break and share some of the load. This leads one to believe Gore will not share time but be the primary ball carrier week in and week out.

Gore has disappointed the last two years, with only 14 total touchdowns and an average of 74 rushing yards and 28 receiving yards per game. Disappointing or not, Gore will see most of the carries, which makes him a low first-round pick this year.

RB Laurence Maroney, New England Patriots, on why he sucked last season: "I had a broken bone and I was trying to play with it." Maroney is talking about playing hurt and analysts and fans knocking him for his poor play without knowing.

There is truth to what he said, but I look back at how poor a player overall he has been. Especially in their last Super Bowl, when the team needed him to keep the New York Giants' front four honest. He couldn't.

He went down at times behind the line of scrimmage without any hard contact. Yes, this is the year he has to prove himself, because so far he has been nothing but a monumental disappointment.

Even then, he's worth nothing more than a late-round flier at the earliest with Fred Taylor, Kevin Faulk, BenJarvus Green-Ellis and Sammy Morris on roster.

GM Mickey Loomis, New Orleans Saints, on RB Edgerrin James: "We've spent some time evaluating Edgerrin." Alex Marvez pens another solid story, but I disagree with anyone who believes James still has anything left in the tank, particularly when you consider what his asking price will be.

You can probably find or could have found equal talent out there at a much lower cost. James has always been about the money and never about heart.

The article talks about how he averaged 67.2 rushing yards during the final five games last season and started all the Cardinals' post-season games. I buy that, but I am also not foolish enough to realize his lack of playing time until those final five games and the postseason were a result of fresh legs and nothing more.

The Saints would regret signing him, and he would also hurt the overall value of Reggie Bush and Pierre Thomas, mostly the latter.

Deuce McAllister on Deuce McAllister: "I want to play a couple more years." Deuce is still working out five hours a day at a clinic run by orthopedic surgeon James Andrews. In dollars, if healthy, he'd make a better signing than James would.

If he understands his role would be something to the effect of coming off the bench for seven to 12 touches, he would be fine.

I say that because Deuce, if healthy, can help a team balance its offensive attack. For fantasy owners, Deuce going back to the Saints would not affect Bush or Thomas as much as Edge would.

There you have it. Be safe this weekend and enjoy the hard-earned time off from work! As I always say, if you're looking for breaking news updates that get to you faster than e-mail, follow me on Twitter at http://twitter.com/wdelpilar


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