4 QB Options for the Rams to Replace Sam Bradford

Gary Davenport@@IDPSharksNFL AnalystOctober 21, 2013

4 QB Options for the Rams to Replace Sam Bradford

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    The St. Louis Rams lost more than just a football game in Week 7.

    Quarterback Sam Bradford went down with a knee injury in the fourth quarter, and according to Jason LaCanfora (per Josh Katzowitz of CBS Sports) the Rams felt the injury could be "serious."

    Those fears were proven correct Sunday night. Pro Football Talk reports that an MRI revealed a torn ACL.

    That season-ending injury is a crushing blow to the Rams prospects for the rest of the season, and it leaves the team scrambling for an option under center.

    Here's a look at the admittedly unappealing options the Rams have at this point, from in-house to out there.

Kellen Clemens

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    This is the option that's by far the most likely, especially when the Rams host Seattle next week.

    Eighth-year veteran Kellen Clemens is Bradford's backup, and the 30-year old is nearly guaranteed to be the team's Week 8 starter.

    Clemens made three starts for the Rams in 2011. He was only marginally effective, completing less than 55 percent of his passes and posting a passer rating under 75.

    Clemens is who he is: An average backup quarterback who at least has some starting experience.

    Starting him more than once would essentially mean white-flagging the rest of the 2013 season.

Tim Tebow

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    Before you start snickering, Mike Silver of the NFL Network tweeted Sunday that the Rams have discussed signing Tim Tebow.

    Granted, Silver said it "wasn't likely they'd actually sign him," but that won't stop speculation from swirling.

    On one hand, say what you will about Tebow, but he has won a playoff game.

    Bradford can't say that.

    However, Tebow's inaccuracy is no secret, the offense would need to change around him, and if Tebow comes to town, so does the circus that usually follows.

    Signing Tebow would be a gutsy move, but one that more likely than not would backfire.

Vince Young

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    This one is so crazy it just might work.

    Granted, Young's last stretch as a starter in the NFL (2011 with the Philadelphia Eagles) was a turnover-filled mess.

    However, a season earlier, Young completed nearly 60 percent of his passes with 10 touchdown passes against only three interceptions.

    That was for the Tennessee Titans of head coach Jeff Fisher.

    Therein lies the rub. After their falling out in Tennessee, would Fisher seriously consider bringing Young in?

    Young sent Fisher a letter of apology back in March, and while he's no worldbeater, Young is probably the best option available as a free agent right now.

    If Fisher can bury the hatchet, perhaps a reunion is in the cards.

John Skelton

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    If the Rams don't want the sideshow that comes with Tebow or a return down memory lane with Young, then the cupboard gets pretty bare pretty quickly.

    Of the free agents available, the one with the most starting experience is probably John Skelton.

    The problem is what the 25-year-old did in those starts.

    In six starts for the Arizona Cardinals in 2012, Skelton threw two touchdown passes, a whopping nine interceptions and posted a passer rating that was barely over 55.

    That's not good, folks.