The Patriots & Michael Vick...Are You Kidding Me?

Aaron Dodge@Aaron_DodgeAnalyst IMay 22, 2009

RICHMOND, VA - AUGUST 27:  Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick (R) arrives at federal court with attorney Billy Martin (R) August 27, 2007 in Richmond, Viriginia. Vick pleaded guilty to a federal dogfighting charge.  (Photo by Steve Helber-Pool/Getty Images)

I would absolutely love to able to sit down and write an entry that explains how and why the signing of Michael Vick by the New England Patriots is impossible.

I'm sure that even if I accomplished that however, there would still be an endless supply of people who are ready and willing to overlook blatant facts on their way to misguided reasons and explanations as to why the Patriots should, and will, sign him.

I'm going to give it a try anyway though. 

The Patriots do not need Vick and even if they did, they still don't need him.

I've heard from other fans and writers who actually believe we need a veteran quarterback presence behind starter Tom Brady, and they somehow manage to connect the dots to Vick.

First we have to ignore the fact that the Patriots selected quarterback Kevin O'Connell in the 3rd round of last years draft, and then didn't make a move when he became the backup last season.

Let's say, just for kicks and giggles, that they actually needed a veteran signal caller.

How does a career completion percentage of 53.8 sound? Or how about a career touchdown to interception ratio of 7:5?

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If those awesome stats don't amaze you, hang in there because this resume isn't over.

How does a six year career with only two winning seasons sound? Add in the fact that that he's been out of the game for two seasons as well.

Michael Vick isn't needed because the Patriots are more than content with their depth and he wouldn't even be close to the best option if they did need a backup (and that's only based on playing ability).

Never mind the fact that he just spent a term in federal prison on felony charges and hasn't even been reinstated by the league or had his rights traded by the Atlanta Falcons.

The guy hasn't been in the league since 2006, and has never impressed statistically as a quarterback. He wouldn't match up one bit with the offensive system the Patriots run. 

This story has got to stop.

Sure the Patriots have had success with "troubled" players, but they don't work magic. This is a felon who wasn't very good to begin with, and it makes no sense for his name to be brought up in this discussion with all things considered.


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