Ten Reasons The Denver Broncos Should Sign Michael Vick

Sayre BedingerSenior Writer IMay 22, 2009

ATLANTA - DECEMBER 24: Quarterback Michael Vick #7 of the Atlanta Falcons passes the ball before the game against the Carolina Panthers on December 24, 2006 at The Georgia Dome in Atlanta,Georgia. (Photo by Marc Serota/Getty Images)

It has been two seasons since the National Football League and its fans have seen the greatest athlete to play the game since Bo Jackson.

Two seasons is much too long of a drought.

While he is still under contract with the Atlanta Falcons, many are already speculating as to which teams make logical sense for the beleaguered quarterback. Teams like Pittsburgh, New England, and Miami have been mentioned as possible destinations due to their elite level of management and history of dealing with personalities like Vick.

One franchise that has yet to be mentioned in the competition for Vick's services is the Denver Broncos, who in case you have not heard, traded their Pro Bowl quarterback Jay Cutler to the Chicago Bears over a month ago.

Throughout the off-season I have been a huge supporter of Denver quarterback Kyle Orton. I firmly believe that Orton can run Denver's offense sucessfully with all of the great weapons around him.

There is always a chance that Orton could flop or get injured however, and Denver's backup plans are nothing to write home about.

Chris Simms has not started a game since rupturing his spleen, and rookie Tom Brandstater will not be ready to start for two or three years.

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Does Michael Vick make sense for the Broncos? Can rookie head coach Josh McDaniels handle him? Here are some reasons why Vick in Denver does make sense, and why it would not make sense.

1.  Kyle Orton

As I stated before I have been, and will continue to be, a supporter of Kyle Orton. He has  experience in the spread offense in college where he became one of the nation's top passers, and could really benefit from the excellent receivers, running backs, and offensive line that Denver has to offer.

Still, there is always a chance that Orton could flop or get injured. There is no guarantee that he will make a smooth transition to Denver, and the Broncos do not have a very stable option otherwise.

Chris Simms has not played in a regular season game for a long time, and Tom Brandstater is a big project at this position. Signing Vick as a backup would be an excellent option for the Broncos.

2.  Marketing

Prior to his dog-fighting incident there was not a more marketable player in the NFL.  Michael Vick would sell jerseys, tickets, and merchandise for Denver. In this dire economy, no team can pass that opportunity up.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not condoning Vick's past. What he did was downright putrid, but the man has paid his debt to society and the NFL. 

Even if the Broncos do not end up signing Vick, whatever team does go after him is going to sell out every single game next season. Vick is like LeBron James or Kobe Bryant in the sense that no matter where he ends up people always want to watch him play.  He is captivating on the field, and can make the impossible seem possible.

3.  Athleticism

Does anything even need to be said? Michael Vick is the second best athlete to have ever played professional football. He has one of the strongest arms I have ever seen, and he is also one of the fastest players I have ever seen.

Granted, he is probably a little rusty from his time in prison, but what do you think he has been doing since he got there? I would be willing to wager he has done nothing but work out and become a physical marvel.

4.  Risk/Reward

After two seasons out of the league and his background of off-field issues, how expensive is Michael Vick really going to be? Any team that signs him is going to get a great football player for a very, very reasonable price. 

5.  Versatility

Thanks to his excellent running ability, Vick could provide the Broncos with much more than a strong-armed quarterback. Even though he has had trouble fumbling the football (55 in his career), he could help Denver in kick returns, wide receiver, and maybe even running back.

6.  Tony Dungy

One of the most well respected and well known coaches in the National Football League thinks Vick has a chance to make a comeback in the league. If there is any opinion that an NFL fan or coach should hold in high regard, it is that of Dungy.

7.  Josh McDaniels

While Vick is probably a better fit for the "wildcat" offense, Josh McDaniels has a great track record of developing quarterbacks. Vick would benefit greatly from his tutelage.

8.  No Bull Allowed

McDaniels is running a really tight ship in Denver. If at any point he decided that Vick was a distraction or affecting the team in a negative way, his butt would be out of Denver faster than Maurice Clarett.

9.  Changed Man

Say what you want, but the time he has spent in jail has to have changed Vick for the better. I do not claim to know this man as a person, and given the circumstances, none of us really have any reason to believe he has changed his ways. 

I feel that being in jail for a year and a half, losing nearly $20 million, losing every endorsement, and being away from the game you love has to be a humbling experience.

Vick is now 28 years old, and likely has matured. Think Randy Moss.

10.  Vick has something to prove

Michael Vick knows he owes his life to the NFL. If the Denver Broncos are willing to give him a shot, I have no doubts he will give that team his everything, and do anything to help them win football games.