Should the Vikings Go for Brett Favre or Michael Vick?

Kyle Strittholt@Man0fSteel94Correspondent IMay 21, 2009

The biggest news coming out of the NFL of late has been Brett Favre and his potential return from retirement again, and Michael Vick being released from prison.

Most people know both of the stories. Brett Favre may come out of retirement to play with the Minnesota Vikings, and Michael Vick is released from prison after his long prison sentence. Where will they go next?

With Favre there is controversy about him being too old, coming back just to get revenge on the Packers, and of course his ability to play the position with his banged up shoulder.

He had a great start to the season last season, but he ended it terribly, going from the top of the AFC East to the third spot and missing the Playoffs.

This is still a rumor, and it has not been confirmed or denied so time will tell this story. Favre is meeting with doctors to work on his shoulder, and the Vikings have not slammed the door on the idea.

With Michael Vick you have a convicted felon. He may not even be able to be reinstated, let alone start another game in the NFL.

There are a lot of questions that come into play when you think about Michael Vick. Has his experience changed him? Will he go back to his old ways? Who will he hang around with once he’s off house arrest, and will he be on the news like Chris Henry?

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When you think about the people he hangs around with, it’s not only his friends, but his family as well. Vick’s younger brother was kicked out of Virginia Tech where he could have been a Heisman Trophy winner, because he stomped on a player’s calf with his cleats.

His younger brother also got arrested for possession of marijuana, and Michael’s name wasn’t completely out of that report.

However, I do think that Vick has changed, and he at least deserves a chance. As long as the league puts probation like restrictions on Vick, I see no harm in him returning.

That then leads to a new topic. Where will Vick go? There’s a new sheriff in Atlanta after Matt Ryan had a phenomenal season with the Falcons last season, taking them to the playoffs. So where would Vick go? There is no possible way of knowing that right now.

What about the Vikings? They have a the best running back in the league right now, and Tavares Jackson isn’t half as good as Vick.

This takes you down a path that can be open to discussion. Should the Vikings take a chance on an aging hall of famer or try to be the team to bring Michael Vicks career back from the grave?

In prison you have no idea what kind of shape Vick is in, though we will see in a little bit. But with Brett Favre and his injured shoulder you have no way of telling if he will be productive at all either.

Both decisions would be a gamble, but you also have Tavares Jackson sitting and learning who can come in and play if you need him.

I don’t think the Vikings can necessarily answer this question right now and their interest is clearly on Brett Favre. But if Favre can’t do it, should they go after a former dynamic player of the league and set him up with the current dynamic player of the league?

I do not think Vick is a gamble if he still has that great arm strength and the speed that he had a couple seasons ago. Would you rather have a Mike Vick on your team, or play against a team with Vick on their sidelines?

The stats don’t lie when you talk about both players. Dan Marino is probably wishing Favre would stay retired so he doesn’t dip even more into his records.

Mike Vick had been electric on the ground as well as the air. He has a great arm, but he lacked the weapons in Atlanta as far as receivers went. He had Michael Jenkins, but the rest were inconsistent.

In the air Vick has thrown for 11,505 yards. He averaged at least 2,400 yards through the air when he was healthy.

On the ground Vick has rushed for 3,859 yards in his career, and had his first thousand yard rushing season in 2006. One thousand yards for a quarterback!

If I was the Vikings owner, I would take a look at this scenario and if Favre can’t return I would be the first one to take the gamble on Vick. Don’t sign him for big money or a big contract, but give him a test run for a year and let him compete for the job.

Vick will be cheaper than Favre, and I think he will be more reliable in the physical aspect.

But if you’re looking for a one year run with one of the best quarterbacks to drop back, Favre is there guy. In the end, I see them picking Favre way before they would pick Vick.