Broncos' Attorney Has Links To Alleged Darrent Williams Killer

Eamon WalshContributor IMay 20, 2009

DENVER - DECEMBER 31:  Maurice Hicks #43 of the San Francisco 49ers flips over Darrent Williams #27 of the Denver Broncos after a 16-yard return in the first quarter at Invesco Field at Mile High December 31, 2006 in Denver, Colorado.  (Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images)

For close followers of the Denver Broncos, the name Harvey Steinberg probably sounds familiar. As often as he does business with the team, he should have an office at Dove Valley.

For those unfamiliar with the name, Steinberg is a Denver-based defense attorney who’s helped get current and former players off the hook. While Steinberg has always helped Denver players, he also has ties to the gang members connected to Darrent William’s murder.

Last season, Steinberg helped Brandon Marshall trim his three-game suspension down to one. He helped former player Travis Henry get marijuana trafficking charges dropped, although he had to plead guilty to trafficking cocaine.

He even defended David Kircus and Todd Saubraun for their violent outbursts. But Steinberg also has connections to another name that should sound familiar to Broncos fans: Willie Clark.

Willie Clark is currently awaiting trial for the murder of former Broncos’ cornerback Darrent Willams. Williams was shot and killed in his Hummer limousine early on New Year's Day 2007, as he and others left a Denver night club.

Clark, charged as the gunman, was indicted Oct. 8 on 39 counts, including first-degree murder of the football star and 16 counts of attempted murder of others in the limo. The SUV that police believe was used in the drive-by shooting is owned by and registered to Denver-gang leader Brian Hicks.

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Hicks’ defense attorney is none other than Harvey Steinberg.

In April 2007, Brian Hicks was arrested during one of the largest gang and drug busts in the West; 85 people were indicted. Hicks was a top target in the bust, and is the alleged leader of the Elite Eight gang.

Willie Clark was arrested during the bust because he worked as an assistant and runner for Hicks. Clark was also arrested for the murder of a witness in a trial against Hicks.

Brian Hicks was charged with the attempted murder of Kalonniann Clark in June 2005. Clark was the only witness to the crime. In December 2006, she was shot and killed outside her apartment five days before she was set to testify against Hicks. 

Steinberg has since asked that the attempted murder charges against Hicks be dropped since the main witness is now dead.

Although Steinberg is simply doing his job trying to keep his clients out of jail, one has to wonder how players feel knowing their attorney also defends the “boss” behind Willie Clark, the alleged killer of Darrent Williams.