Bob Geren Must Be Good For a Pitcher and Team's Confidence

Steven ResnickSenior Writer IMay 17, 2009

OAKLAND, CA - MAY 7: Manager Bob Geren #17 of the Oakland Athletics looks on during a Major League Baseball game against the Texas Rangers at the Oakland Coliseum May 7, 2009 in Oakland, California.  (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)

Bob Geren is a great manager to build your confidence with. I mean what other manager will let a starting pitcher give walks to the first two batters of an inning before sending out the pitching coach, Curt Young.

Then only to have young catcher Kurt Suzuki call for a fastball down the middle of the plate and before you know it the pitcher is staring at a 3-0 deficit with no outs. Thanks, Bob appreciate the support.

Hey, look our offense got us a big lead. What happens if these pitches start being rushed too the plate? How fast will this big lead disappear? Will Geren relieve the pitcher or let him stay in?  

Oh, look the pitcher is back on the mound and it's time too struggle some more. Time to bring in a reliever with runners on second and third with only one out. What will happen? A fast ball right in the wheelhouse for a three run homer well there goes the lead.

Wow! What a confidence builder to go from a big lead to losing the game. Oh, look Orlando Cabrera with a home run now the game is back to trailing by a run.

That same reliever needs to go more innings than he usually does. Look runners at second and third with two outs. Oh no same result another three run homer gets hit.

Bob giving the pitchers the opportunity to build confidence in ourselves has been an amazing experience. Where would the pitchers be Bob if there was no faith in the staff?Maybe the win-loss record wouldn't be that great with a bunch of no decisions, but thanks again for trying to build the staff's confidence and hence the team's confidence.

How about Gio Gonzalez? Bob you sure built up his confidence so much so he's back in the minors. What other manager would let a young pitcher throw for as long as possible especially after the offense scored three times?

There were no other pitchers avaliable because of previous use or illness, so it was Gonzalez's game. Bob you did an excellent job what were the results for Gonzalez?  


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