Frank Gore: We Hardly Knew Thee

DannyBoy SportsTalkCorrespondent IMay 16, 2009

IRVING, TX - NOVEMBER 23:  Running back Frank Gore #21 of the San Francisco 49ers loses his helmet while tackled by Anthony Spencer #93 of the Dallas Cowboys at Texas Stadium on November 23, 2008 in Irving, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Frank Gore, the third-round pick of the San Francisco 49ers in 2005, endured much trial and tribulation before entering the NFL.

In his rookie season, Frank Gore was a mere backup, amassing only 608 yards. Worries about durability and understanding of the playbook came from every corner of the 49ers headquarters.

Gore’s response after the season?

“I want to be something special in this league. Every opportunity I get, I'm going to try my best to be special. We have three great backs on this team. I'm just going to train hard and compete for the starting job next year.”

Gore backed up that statement by taking the starting job from incumbent Kevin Barlow during his sophomore campaign (Barlow? Remember that guy? Is he even alive?). Gore scampered for an amazing 1,695 yards, amassing the best single season for a running back in team history.  

Setting ablaze the 49er faithful, Gore then predicted a 2,000-yard season.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to produce anywhere near that goal, and has since totaled fewer yards each season. Frank Gore: We hardly knew thee.

Does this mean he is dead? Not yet. But if this pace keeps going, he might be destroyed by time, injury, and a few defenses before he crushes that record.

But that is just one man’s opinion. What is Mr. Gore’s opinion on the matter? Here are a few questions I’d like to know.

1. Coming out in 2005, the knock on you was the injuries to your knees. What has been the difference between college and the NFL, as far as health concerns?

·        Do you train differently now as opposed to when you played at Miami?

·        What areas do you focus on to remain injury-free?

2. Where do you see the offense going in 2009?

·        Is offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye the answer?

·        Does the playbook offer a new look for the offense?

·        How does Raye coach? Hands-on? Or through X’s and O’s?

3. Is this a make-or-break year for the 49ers?

·        Where do you expect the 49ers offense to rank in 2009?

·        How many yards will you rush for in 2009? Still hoping for the 2,000-yard season?

4. Many people are beginning to wonder if your first season as a starting running back was a fluke. How do you respond to the doubters?

·        How are you handling the expectations?

·        Are there any special ways you will be proving them wrong?

·        Is the 2,000-yard season still a goal of yours?

5. Who do you want to win the competition at QB?

·        Why?

·        Is there a favorite?

·        How does the starting QB affect your play?

What questions would YOU ask Frank Gore? Leave your comments in the section below, or contact DannyBoy at dannyboysportstalk@gmail.com!


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