The 10 Questions I Would Ask Matt Forte

Clay CunninghamCorrespondent IMay 16, 2009

CHICAGO - DECEMBER 22: Matt Forte #22 of the Chicago Bears runs for yardage against the Green Bay Packers on December 22, 2008 at Soldier Field in Chicago, Illinois. The Bears defeated the Packers 20-17 in overtime. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

So I get to go to the Bears Expo this Sunday (not a bad 25th birthday present) and I could not be more excited. I have never been to, nor do I have an intimate knowledge of the event, but I hear rumblings that various players will be in attendance. The idea of meeting any of my favorite players is very exciting to me, but of all the potential meet ups, the one that would excite me the most would be the chance to meet my favorite current Bear, running back Matt Forte.

In addition to being the backbone of the Bears offense, Forte strikes me as a genuinely good guy. Therefore, I have no reason to doubt he wouldn't relish the opportunity to have a thorough Q & A session with a die hard fan posing as a sports reporter.

So in that vein, below I have worked up 10 questions that I would ask him if I were lucky enough to score an interview. Matt, I have no idea if you actually will be in attendance, but if you are, feel free to stumble across this questionnaire so as not to be blindsided by my hard-hitting journalistic prowess.

So here it is, my questionnaire with Matt Forte:

1. So often we see rookie players struggle in their first season, yet no player in the league accounted for a higher percentage of his teams offense than you did. What was it that helped you adjust to the game so quickly?

2. How has having a full year under your belt helped you better prepare for this coming season?

3. If last season was any indication, the 2008 class of running backs could prove to be one of the best in league history. Is there a drive in you to be seen as the unquestioned top back in this class, or are you solely concerned with winning?

4. In recent years the Bears have had run ins with backs (Anthony Thomas, Rashaan Salaam) who showed great initial promise only to see their production drop off drastically in following years. What are you doing to assure we won't see this with you?

5. The organization stated that getting a backup running back to take some of the pressure off of you was a high priority in the offseason. Yet they did nothing to bring in new personnel, rather choosing to retain Kevin Jones whose first season with the Bears was a wash. Do you feel comfortable in Jones' ability to spell you, and if he's unable to, how confident are you that you can carry the same sort of workload you did last season?

6. The Bears made a gigantic splash by trading for Jay Cutler. How much pressure do you feel he and his big arm will take off of you and what changes in defensive scheme's do you expect to see this season?

7. In the same vein, you led all running backs with 63 receptions last year. With the Bears still lacking a proven #1 wideout, do you anticipate your role in the passing game to change this season, and if so, in what way?

8. One of the primary reasons you missed the playoffs last season was an inability to close out games early in the season. What sort of mental adjustments have been implemented to assure this isn't a problem again this year?

9. Entering the league last season, you didn't get the chance to experience playing against Brett Favre. With all the rumblings of another return, this time as a Viking, what are your thoughts on the possibility of seeing such a legendary Bear killer twice a year, and how do you foresee a potential Favre comeback affecting what already promised to be a tight NFC North race?

10.When asked what their expectations for the upcoming season are, most players answer that they believe their respective team can win the Super Bowl. If you were to make such a bold declaration, what reasons would you give as to why people should be optimistic that the Lombardi Trophy could be coming to Chicago anytime soon?


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