I Take Over Bud Selig's Job for a Day

Sam WoodsCorrespondent IMay 15, 2009

PHILADELPHIA - OCTOBER 27:  Major League Baseball commissioner Bud Selig explains the rules involved with suspending game five of the 2008 MLB World Series between the Philadelphia Phillies and the Tampa Bay Rays till 8:00 pm (EST) on October 28 at the earliest of the Philadelphia Phillies at a press conference on October 27, 2008 at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

Bud Selig has been ripped and praised over his long tenure as baseball's commish. Probably his most drawn out headache would be about his players and performance enhancing drugs.

He hasn't really done much it seems to the common fan. Yes he's had suspensions and punishments put in place, but the problem is players are still using them year after year after year.

And no I'm not talking about Icy Hot or allergy medication. If I were Bud Selig, this is how things would go down.

1. Anything that's in a player’s body that was taken in the past, is dropped, they get off scot-free.

2. Beginning next year players will be hit with test after test all year long. The numbers can regress after a couple years but for now, we need to let them know there's no way out.

3. First offense: 50 day suspension. Second offense: Year long suspension (365 normal calendar days, so it’s not like 3 seasons). Third offense: Lifelong ban from the MLB. Harsh? Maybe so, but I can't see my first loved sport die like this.

4. All major records broken from 1990 on are erased. That means we go back to Roger Marris' 61 and Hank Aaron's 755.

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All minor single player records will receive an asterisk. Yes there are some records that were broken honestly, and to those records, I'm Sorry. This era must be put to rest, so that baseball can move on with its dignity.

Maybe it’s the TV ratings or excitement home runs and power pitching strikeouts bring that keeps us from acting. Being a Mariner fan, I have seen how interesting small can be. They play minuscule ball, and it’s extremely entertaining.

Sure they've lost a few lately, but unlike last year, they are fun to watch even in defeat. When steroid abusing big bopper teams lose, it’s somehow always frustrating.

Baseball's golden age saw home run hitters on nothing but hot dogs and beer. I wish I was alive to see that, rather than the millionaire drug abusing overly ripped players of today.

The guys of the 10's and 20's were just guys having fun and really not earning nearly as much as they might be able to working somewhere else. Sure there are exceptions, but generally, they just loved the game.

No one is the judge of fandom, and if you like what you see today that's more than fine, I just wish it had some integrity behind it as well.