Oakland Raiders: The Great Dysfunction

Divya ParmarSenior Analyst IMay 15, 2009

I was looking through the newspaper and couldn't help but notice this tidbit; "Javon Walker underwent surgery on his right knee a few weeks ago. [Tom] Cable said the Raiders learned about the surgery this week."

Wait, wait, what?

What a screwed up organization. Nobody is on the same page. Nobody cares for the team. Nobody is a winner. It's a losing mentality.

It makes no sense.

It makes no sense is that Cable, the head coach, did not know about a key receiver's surgery. From this, we can conclude that Al Davis must still be in control. Cable is totally in the dark about the team and has no influence whatsoever on personnel and general team matters.

As long as Davis runs everything without the input of others, the coach of the Raiders will be powerless and have no control over the locker room.

This is exactly the reason the Raiders have gone down the toilet the last five years.

Nothing has changed. The "Al Davis method" is still in effect, and that means the status quo will continue. The locker room will not be united and there will be leaks that compromise team harmony.

Players don't believe in each other, or the team. Everyone just wants a pay check. Players don't play up to their potential in Oakland.

Look at Randy Moss in Oakland, where he dogged success consistently. Once he got out of there and into New England, he was motivated and became a beast.

Would a New England player hide a surgery?

No, there is a culture of accountability. The Raiders don't have that. Walker couldn't care less about the Raiders as a team. Could he be another bust along the lines of DeAngelo Hall?

So much for the greatness of the Raiders. Looks like the status quo.

They are a dysfunctional team, crappy results.


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