Report: John Cena's Elbow Injury Worse Than Thought?

Sharon GlencrossContributor IAugust 13, 2013

Cena's elbow is NOT looking good these days (from WWE.com)
Cena's elbow is NOT looking good these days (from WWE.com)

Is John Cena's elbow injury far more serious than previously thought?

In Monday's F4Wonline Daily Update, Dave Meltzer indicated this is indeed the case. He writes ominously: "John Cena's elbow is in a lot worse shape than they are letting on."

Of course, even prior to this, there were hints that Cena's left elbow injury was causing real problems.

As one report by Wrestle Zone noted, the WWE champion was pulled from a house show in Oakland, Calif., at the last minute despite being advertised heavily beforehand. (Credit to WWE, it did offer refunds to fans in attendance.) 

Last week, Cena discussed the gruesome-looking injury and was insistent it would not affect his SummerSlam match with Daniel Bryan. The injury has also come up on television, and WWE.com even posted an article questioning whether it would cost him his title at the pay-per-view.

So, what if Cena's injury does force him to take time off for surgery?

Well, that may be very bad news for America's No. 1 wrestling promotion.

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Cena is indisputably the top star in the company. Like Shawn Michaels in 1996 or Steve Austin in 1998, he's been the one carrying Raw. Many fans like to trash the wrestler, but really, what would WWE have done over the past decade without him? It's a little scary to think about.

As talented and popular as they are, guys like CM Punk, Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan aren't really in his league.

Daniel, in particular, still has a lot to prove on top. He may very well defeat Cena for the belt this Sunday, but what then? Will he prove up to the challenge?

Could he potentially take over for Cena as the top babyface if the star has to take months off? I'm not so sure, but Bryan has made a habit of proving people wrong before.

What do you guys think? Is Bryan ready to be the guy if Cena has to go on hiatus?