NE Patriots Considering Judiciary Meeting Regarding Spector's Switch

Aaron Dodge@Aaron_DodgeAnalyst IMay 10, 2009

BOSTON- In an unprecedented, and yet slightly familiar move, the New England Patriots have begun inquiring about holding a Senate Judiciary Meeting to discuss Senator Arlen Spector's recent switch of parties.

Sen. Specter, D-Pa., who has been a practicing Republican since 1966, announced recently that he was switching parties in part because he didn't think he could win his next election running on the GOP ticket.

New England Patriots' team sources requesting to speak under anonymity because they were not yet permitted to comment on the situation said the Patriots' organization would like the committee to investigate Spector's change of political parties.

One team member stated that "Senator Specter ran as a Republican and was elected as one. Spector's switch brings into question the integrity of his policies and his election along with the integrity of his upcoming campaign".

Another added, "If he ran as a Republican and under their ideals for nearly five decades, how can he decide one day to no longer be a part of them? He violated the trust of the voters in the state of Pennsylvania along with his former party members in the Senate. This organization will not stand for this blatant injustice to the American public and the American political system."

It is unclear at this stage how far the Patriots wish to take their complaints about Specter, but the evidence against him seems strong. When asked what their next move was expected to be, a team source said, "Whatever is right for the American public. We certainly understand that there are many more important things on the agenda of our Government and do not not wish to interfere in any way."

Another source added that "This organization also recognizes its place in politics. This is a sports team and we don't belong in Congress, much like a certain Senator didn't belong in sports when his country was dealing with much more important issues."

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