Oakland Raiders' Offense Set to Win in Trenches

Ramone BrownSenior Writer IMay 8, 2009

OAKLAND, CA - SEPTEMBER 9:  Guard Robert Gallery #76 of the Oakland Raiders in a three-point stance against the Detroit Lions at the McAfee Coliseum on September 9, 2007 in Oakland, California.  The Lions defeated the Raiders 36-21 (Photo by Kevin Terrell/Getty Images)

This year in free agency the Raiders haven't signed any flashy player and any move they made seemed to be under the radar of the mainstream media. 

Tom Cable stated early that the Raiders had a plan coming into the offseason.  And this plan was simple to create an offense capable of winning where it counts most,  in the trenches.

So what has Tom Cable, an offensive linemen at heart, done to create an offense capable of winning in the trenches?

First the simple answer is with additions to the 0-line.

We have added Samson Satele,  Erik Pears,  Marcus Johnson,  Khaliff Barnes, and a few others with little chance of making the Team:  Mark Wilson, Jonathan Compass, and a few others.

We have kept all of our linemen from last year excluding Kwame Harris:  Mario Henderson, Robert Galery, Chriss Morris, John Wade, Paul McQuistan, Cooper Carlisle, Cornell Green, and James Marten.

With all of these players competing for the five spots along the Raiders O-line, competition is fierce and only the best will make it out of camp.

With that said, here is my predicted Raiders offensive line.

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LT Mario Henderson/Erik Pears

LG Robert Gallery/Marcus Johnson

C Samson Satele/John Wade

RG Paul McQuistan/Cooper Carlisle

RT Khaliff Barnes/Cornell Green/James Marten

So the O-line is improved two new starters and much better quality to depth.

Next the Raiders added quality blocking and depth to the tight-end position in drafting Brandon Myers.  Now at TE the roster is incredibly deep with Zack Miller, Tony Stewart, Brandon Myers, Darrell Strong, and Chris O'neil.  Of those five, I only expect the best three to make the team with maybe one on the practice squad.

Next at FB the Raiders added another battering-ram in Lorenzo Neal in order to spell and mentor Oren O'neal and as insurance in case his knee rehab doesn't go as planned.  The Raiders also have two serviceable project type FBs in Luke Lawton and Marcel Reece.

All of these additions will help the Raiders create running lanes in order for our three talented running backs to make huge gains.

Finally at WR the Raiders have added another deep threat receiver to keep defenses honest.  Now apposing defenses will have two choices.  They either can continue to stack the box with eighth or nine players leaving the corners alone to contend with sub 4.3 speed at receiver.  Or choice No. 2, they back off in coverage allowing our running game to pick up easy yardage.

Regardless opposing teams will be forced to pick their poison. An improved O-line means more time for JaMarcus Russell and if they choose to back off in coverage this again means more time.