Please Brett, Remain Our "Favre"-Ate Legend

RJ SouzaContributor IMay 6, 2009

GREEN BAY, WI - JANUARY 20:  Quarterback Brett Favre #4 of the Green Bay Packers reacts after a Packers touchdown during the NFC championship game against the New York Giants on January 20, 2008 at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The Giants defeated the Packers 23-20 in overtime to advance to the Superbowl XLII.  (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

ESPN is reporting that this week Brett Favre and Brad Childress will meet in an undisclosed location.


You can start the Favre watch again. I could not understand why the New York Jets released Favre from the retired-reserve list. It doesn't make any sense for the Jets. It didn't make sense for a guy who filed his retirement papers once again.  

There has been speculation that flights were going from Mississippi to Minnesota. There was also chatter about Bret's desire to play again, which contradicted his denials of a return. I am starting to feel like we are going to do this all over again.

The rumors leaked that Brett wants to get even with the Packers. I find that hard to believe. I think it has more to do with Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy. That I find very easy to believe.

Does he really want to go down this road?

Forget the guys who "forced" him to retire—the guys who were ready to put him back in place in May. Forget that they would not let him play when training camp opened in July.

Forget the trade that gave him new life in New York. Forget the mental breakdown at the end of the season that killed any playoff hopes with Gang Green. Forget that he averaged 1.4 INTs and threw for as many touchdowns as interceptions last year. Forget about his "dead arm."

What should be remembered is his legacy. The moment he puts on the Viking purple, it will be like he’s turning his back on the "Favre-maniacs." He will betray the fans that stuck with him through thick and thin.

The day he took his place at center, replacing the injured Don Majkowski, he had the city of Green Bay behind him. He became an icon, bringing excitement back to Green Bay. He became the competitive kid who came out and played with boyish charm and reckless abandon.

You don't think that community rallied behind him when his father passed on? He had Raider fans sympathizing for him. I think it’s obvious to say that Raider fans have never felt bad for any opponent. Despite the fact that he torched their secondary for four touchdowns, the local media and fans alike admired his determination to play.

If he had that effect on the Raider nation, then it is clearly evident that he possessed something special.

Two Super Bowl appearances and three Most Valuable Player trophies later, Bret called it a career. Everyone in Cheesehead land didn't want to see it happen. His retirement was breaking news. There were tears. There was denial. But Lord Favre said it was time.

A few months later, Brett had the itch once more. He tried to force himself onto the field, and long story short, after the Packers declined his services, he moved on to the Jets. He became the media darling. He loved New York, and New York loved him.

Then midway through the season, it all fell apart, with the huge interception against Miami that kicked them out of a playoff spot being the highlight of their self-destruction. Yes, Brett threw that away from the New York fans.

I thought it was over. One season and done outside of Green Bay. The papers are filed, and it's all over.

Then he calls the Vikings.

Let me try to explain it best I can.

Joe Montana went to the Chiefs in a trade. If he decided to become a Cowboy, the 49er fans would turn on him. He was a great quarterback, but he's not a Brett Favre.

If he goes to Minnesota, it will be like spitting in the face of every cheesehead in the Dairy state. No one has been an icon to his team more than Brett Favre.

Thus, he should do himself a favor and enjoy the time off. Enjoy the hunting. Become a coach for the younger generation of football players. Continue to be inspiration for millions in Wisconsin.

There is no money worth his status in Green Bay. Don't take this "revenge" out on your fans!


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