As Excitement Builds So Do Predictions:

Drew JacksonContributor IMay 5, 2009

HOUSTON - NOVEMBER 09:  The NFL shield logo on the goal post during play between the Baltimore Ravens and the Houston Texans at Reliant Stadium on November 9, 2008 in Houston, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

As excitement for the season's start rises so to do the predictions of how well teams will do. I guess I wanted to add to the predictions.

This article will cover my predictions for records of teams in the upcoming season. Note: I will not cover all teams only teams that I see as notable (sorry for offending anyone but my time is limited).

We'll start with the super bowl champions:

Steelers -

The Steelers didn't make any splashes during free agency. They also didn't lose much talent.

The expression "If it ain't broke don't fix it" comes to mind when referring to the Steelers. Whatever it is they've been doing they'll continue right where they left off.

They might see a little more competition this year from the Ravens but I definitely see the Steelers going deep into the playoffs if injuries are avoided.

Predicted Record: 11-5

Might as well go to the Ravens since they were mentioned:

Ravens -

I think Baltimore has a great shot at success this year. They added to their run game with the drafting of Oher and the signing of Birk.

They also re-signed Rolle and Lewis. They did lose a bit of talent at corner through Mcalister's departure.

They also lost Bart Scott who was a huge part of the defense last year. The final and perhaps most significant loss might actually be Rex Ryan to the Jets, yes I realize he's a coach.

The Baltimore defense was so dominating over the years because of his schemes combined with the talent. Losing half of this will cause some struggle.

Predicted Record: 8-8

Sticking in the AFC I need to evaluate the Broncos:

Broncos -

Well, where to start... the offense traded its biggest play-maker in Cutler, it rid itself of a decent back in Young. The defense lost Dre Bly one of its best players.

So far this Inst looking good... they did get Kyle Orton and that's good... I think... maybe not... hmm. They got a beast of a safety in Brian Dawkins, drafted a great RB in Moreno, and got a good pass-rusher in Ayers, not to mention a capable cornerback in Smith.

What those facts don't tell you is that Dawkins is on the decline, Moreno came at the cost of drafting Brian Orakpo, and Smith is 5'9''. All things considered the Broncos actually got worse over the off season.

Their defense stayed the same at best and the offense is now bogged down by a quarterback that can only manage a game not win one. On top of all that, their schedule is fairly tough this year. 

Predicted Record: 5-11  

I need to show the NFC some love so:

Cardinals -

This is a little tricky. The Cardinals were a decent team last year that got good when it counted.

They have an explosive offense that was kept together but a defense that is very porous. Berry's re-signing helped a lot and keeping Warner was a must.

The Cardinals didn't improve or get worse. There is also the "Superbowl Loser Curse." I don't think that Arizona goes right back to it's old ways but reverts to a form that were more used to seeing.

Predicted Record: 8-8

Another NFC team:

Vikings -

This is a team that needs to be watched. I think they have a great chance of making it to the Superbowl this year or at least making it deep into the playoffs.

That is, of course, if whoever the starting QB is can pull through for them. They now have Percy Harvin, a man that I know will be a great receiver in the NFL.

They have a great run game, an improved pass game and solid defense. These factors combine to make a formidable force to go against. They need to have a good season this year or the coaching staff will suffer. 

Predicted Record 9-7

Two more and I'm out: 

Jets -

The Jets did a great job in the off-season. Fans might be annoyed at the trade ups in the draft to take Green and Sanchez but the picks were brilliant.

Green is an absolute workhorse and Sanchez has the ability to manage a game without many mistakes. I don't think Sanchez will be a big play QB but for a rookie to manage games he will be able to grow.

The largest part in this is the defense though. So many additions that I can't name them all.

The most notable were Bart Scott, Jim Leonhard, and Lito Sheppard. With how dominating the Jets defense was last year, usually scoring once a game at least, it can only get better with the additions to the defense.

The largest factor to helping this would have to be Rex Ryan's presence at head coach. The man will work magic, watch out cause the Jets will go far this season!

Predicted Record- 10-6

Finally my team:

Seahawks -

I'm excited to see the new and improved defense and the revamped offense. Last year injuries were the major cause of the 4-12 record.

Next year, I can see a significant turnaround. Talk as much trash as you want about our defense but the combination of Lofa Tatupu, Leroy Hill and Aaron Curry sends shivers down your spine.

Couple that with the monstrosities Colin Cole and Cory Redding in the middle, Patrick Kerney on the outside and Lawrence Jackson on the other side. All in rotation with Red Bryant, (another huge guy), Brandon Mebane, and Darrel Tapp so that its always someone new and refreshed coming at you.

The corner position is solid with the addition of Ken Lucas, who had his best years in Seattle, and Marcus Trufant, a Pro Bowl caliber corner. The only weakness comes at safety where Brian Russel resides.

Deon Grant does a brilliant job playing his part. The offense is healthy and looking to dominate.

The trio of Houshmandzadeh, Branch, and either Burleson or Butler makes our receivers a threat. Hasselbeck is healthy and ready to tear apart secondaries and probably utilize the receivers as much as the Pro Bowl caliber TE John Carlson.

The line is healthy and full of talent, most notably Walter Jones, Mike Wahle, and Sean Locklear. Julius Jones and T.J Duckett are poised to destroy anyone that gets through the aggressive Schmitt.

Schmitt just wants to kill somebody on the field. Overall the team looks amazing! 

Predicted Record: 10-6

So, those were my predictions of only a few teams, I'm sorry that I don't have more time (or patience) to write about the others. In any comments please refrain from completely bashing my predictions just make some of your own to counter mine if you like :)


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