Top 10 Best Dunks of 2013 NBA Playoffs

Justin Hussong@@HeatChecksHussContributor IIIJune 22, 2013

Top 10 Best Dunks of 2013 NBA Playoffs

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    As the 2013 NBA season has come and gone, we are left with the Miami Heat on top of the basketball totem pole for a second consecutive season. We were also left with another batch of jaw-dropping dunks throughout the postseason that we will remember through the offseason and beyond.

    A riveting postseason with a number of captivating storylines has given us much to reminisce about and will hopefully tide us over until next season. For the time being, we can look back at the most thunderous dunks of the playoffs as a testament to just how great this postseason was.

    So here we have it, the best dunks of the 2013 playoffs.

Carlos Delfino Posterizes Kevin Durant

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    Usually Kevin Durant is on the other end of these encounters, but Delfino caught him off guard.

    Carlos Delfino is not the type of player you'd expect to dunk on someone like this. He starts the play with an uncharacteristic pick pocket and then sprints down the court to meet Durant at the rim. The result was not pretty.

    Houston put up a significant fight against the top-seeded Thunder, but the Rockets ultimately fell short. This highlight was their best in a brief playoff run.

Paul George Posterizes Chris Bosh

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    Paul George is one of the best rising young stars in this league, and unfortunately for Chris Bosh he got an up close look as to why.

    George came up big in a huge Game 6 win to push the Heat to seven games in the Eastern Conference finals. This vicious dunk on a fast break set the tone early in the game for his Pacers.

    Indiana's young forward took an outlet pass and fearlessly sprinted up the court to pack one on Bosh. It provided an early jolt for a nervous crowd.

    It was extraordinary watching Paul George evolve right before our eyes in this series. He ultimately fell slightly short, but he truly proved that he belongs as a star in this league.

JaVale McGee Punks Andrew Bogut

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    JaVale McGee is good for a highlight play nearly every night. He has an unfathomable wingspan to complement his incredible leaping ability.

    When he is not starring on "Shaqtin' a Fool," he can often be seen treating players much like he did Bogut.

    Not only does Bogut get slammed on, but McGee dunks on him so hard that he hits the deck. It all went down right in front of the Nuggets' bench in front of a raucous Denver crowd.

    Poor Bogut...but wait!!

Andrew Bogut Returns the Favor on JaVale McGee

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    Karma sure got to McGee on this one!

    Revenge is a dish best served cold. Ice cold. Maybe even mile high cold.

    We just saw Bogut get embarrassed by McGee in the previous slide. After the lanky McGee put him on a poster in Game 1, Bogut returned the favor loudly in Game 4.

    Bogut is another player on this list who wouldn't normally be pegged as a candidate to put someone on a poster, but he sized up one of the best shot-blockers in the league right from the top of the key and then challenged him right at the rim.

    Bogut's playoff dunk brought back some memories of Baron Davis on Andrei Kirilenko from the "We Believe" glory days.

    Nothing gets a crowd going like a big dunk. The Warriors' faithful sure appreciated this one.

LeBron Throws Down a Nasty Dunk with the Left Hand

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    LeBron had himself another jaw-dropping postseason, yet was reasonably quiet in the dunk department.

    This impressive left-handed jam in Round 1 against Milwaukee was his best as he was clearly all about business this year.

    There are few, if any players who can drive to the rim with such force and finish with such power like LeBron James does. He is truly a magnificent talent to watch, which is mostly what the Bucks did on this play.

    Nobody wants to try to stop LeBron coming down the lane. Nobody.

Taj Gibson Slams on Kris Humphries

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    In Game 3 of Round 1, Kris Humphries was handed something fierce by Taj Gibson.

    We have seen Gibson do this quite a few times, (just ask Dwyane Wade), but this was one of his best.

    Gibson fielded the pass at the top of the key and saw nothing but space down the lane. Kris Humphries was then late to rotate on defense, the No. 1 no-no when it comes to getting dunked on.

    The result was not pretty. Humphries quickly grabbed the ball to inbound it hoping to move on with his life and to forget that had ever happened.

Kawhi Leonard Packs One on Mike Miller

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    Kudos to Mike Miller for thinking he had a shot to block Kawhi Leonard gunning down the floor on a fast break.

    We saw this one developing as soon as Leonard and Tony Parker headed out on the break. If only Miller had been so lucky. 

    Leonard's Spurs came out firing in Game 6 in what would go down as one of the most thrilling NBA Finals games in recent memory. Leonard himself used the finals as his own coming out party. His Spurs were five seconds away from a title and he put together what would have been a solid case for MVP.

    Leonard also had eight double-digit rebounding games in the postseason after putting up just seven through the entire regular season. This dunk, along with all the other spectacular plays Leonard made deep into the playoffs, truly helped him announce himself as a future star in this league.

Iman Shumpert Crushes the Put-Back Against the Pacers

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    This one was hard to watch without jumping out of your seat.

    Iman Shumpert came flying in unannounced and absolutely slammed down the put-back dunk like a touchdown spike.

    The pure violence with which Shumpert threw this down is audible both from his impact with the rim and Kevin Harlan's voice. Reggie Miller sounded like he was in a state of disbelief.

    This dunk was savage. No doubt about it.

Tayshaun Prince Throws It Down on OKC

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    There might not be enough room on one poster for everyone Tayshaun Prince dunked on here.

    Reggie Jackson, Thabo Sefolosha and league-leading shot-blocker Serge Ibaka stood no chance when Prince came soaring down the lane on the fast break. With one fell swoop, he silenced the entire crowd in glorious fashion.

    Prince sure turned back the clock on this one to let everyone know he can still get up there when he has to. That dunk epitomized the whole series. Memphis showed no hesitation going toe to toe with the defending Western Conference champs and just like Prince did on this play, Memphis got the best of them.

Paul George Takes Down Birdman

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    Momma, there goes that man again!

    All the bird tattoos in the world couldn't have prevented this from happening. Birdman was simply Chris Andersen on this play. Paul George just flew at him and detonated right on his head, sending him plummeting to the ground.

    After a disappointing loss in Game 1, George made it known that he and his squad were not backing down from the mighty Heat. This finish on a three-point play is sure to resonate for years as the most memorable dunk from this postseason. He blew past LeBron like it was nothing and crushed a great shot-blocker at the rim, sending Miami into silence.

    LeBron's ensuing buzzer-beater and high five exchange with George on the other end was all that needed to be seen to validate George's talent. It was a pleasant moment that won't soon be forgotten.