Mandira Bedi and Her Cricket Commenting Incompetence

Rohini IyerSenior Writer IMay 5, 2009

When I see Mandira Bedi's commentating and presenting antics on TV, I feel that there should be some mandatory requirement fulfilling condition for the job while her yakking on and on about totally irrelevant things rather than what is actually expected, really gets on to my nerves!

Therefore, what I would like to ask her: "PRONTO", is, did she go and ask some experienced person as to what the job prospect actually was or did she just jump into the bandwagon because she was an expert already facing the TV cameras?

If it was the former, I would like to ask her whom did she consult? Charu Sharma, who himself doesn't do anything worthwhile as a commentator or someone on the likes of Harsha Bhogle? [Though considering her current abilities, I strongly doubt that the consultation should have veered to the former than to the latter!]

And if she merely decided on a whim to be a cricket anchor, then I would strongly advise her to research more on the job than impromptu facing the lights, as the world is watching her and her knowledge on the sport is being tested unlike a soap opera where she can deliver the lines even after a 100 "Cuts."

It would be a shame [it still is] to see her spurting idiotic things on the topic [like a shirttail relative concept] coming from a country that positively idiolises the sport.

I mean, who wants to watch her noodle strap blouses and perfect English which has nothing to put on the table not to mention, listening to her talking about the pleasant weather conditions of South Africa [read IPL] rather than how will they affect the matches scheduled?

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It's quite evident that her actual level of competency as acutely low and in spite of this, she is being highly marketed. What's the point? If the organisers want a glamour doll, then why not openly flaunt it than cover it under the guise of the sport and ruin it entirely?

One glance at her over exposed cleavage [sorry for being crude] and her outlandish dressing sense, is enough for people to guess what cricketing picture her appearance creates; they don't need a cover for propagating her modelling skills on an international sports platform!

Sometimes I wonder how many true-blue cricketing fans, do bother with listening to her for all the seemingly painful efforts she takes and if tomorrow, she decides to disappear as suddenly as she entered the arena, how many of us fans will miss her for her so-called "Intelligent quirks and remarks?"

Personally, I will be relieved that the entire community has been spared, if she ever decides to take such a decision because, for all I know and care, there are several others who could be doing the same thing she does [it's called commentary Mandira] far better than what she is currently is executing.

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