Lakers-Rockets Live Twitter Event: Second Half Recap

Tim CarySenior Analyst IMay 5, 2009

LOS ANGELES, CA - APRIL 03:  Shane Battier #31 of the Houston Rockets is defended by Kobe Bryant #24 of the Los Angeles Lakers during the game at Staples Center on April 3, 2009 in Los Angeles, California. The Lakers defeated the Rockets 93-81. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and/or using this Photograph, user is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement.  (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)

BleacherReport.com writer Tim Cary provided instant analysis of Monday's Lakers-Rockets Game One on Twitter.  For more information, visit Twitter.com/TimCary or search for the hashtag #LALHOU.

Here's how the second half went down, in episodes of 140 characters or less:

That makes sense, Lakers: since the first half didn't start poorly enough, let's get a turnover in the first five seconds. Joy. #LALHOU #nba

Turnover, Lakers...and I only WISH that was a re-tweet. Instead, it's TWO trips, TWO turnovers. Rust is no longer a valid excuse. #LALHOU

Can I just say I envy those of you watching the #playoffs on the West Coast? Because it's a lot like the next morning here in Ohio. #LALHOU

Things looking up in Laker-land. Kobe w/ the and-one, then great big-man passing from Gasol to Bynum. Lead's down to 5. #LALHOU

8 straight for the Lakers, & Ariza's hustle is difference yet again. He walked that sideline tightrope like an Olympic balance-beam. #LALHOU

@Broward83 I wouldn't despair as a Rockets fan yet; it's about consistency, and the Lakers' spurtability really doesn't mean much. #LALHOU

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The good news for the Lakers is they still haven't made a 3. I predict they'll bury at least 5 in the gm; can Rockets weather that? #LALHOU

When it comes right down to it, #Rockets are getting better looks in their half-court offense than #Lakers are. Disturbing trend. #LALHOU

Kobe gets 3-ptr numero uno; remember I said Lakers would get at least.5. Expect Bryant to try and shoot his squad back into it now. #LALHOU

Interesting situation: #Rockets need to go 90-some ft. in 3 seconds...and Brooks almost knocks down legit 50-footer 2 beat shotclock #LALHOU

If we double-team Yao Ming, he shouldn't get wide-open dunk as result? Right? Right? Adjustment needed. #LALHOU

TNT Programming alert: Lakers/Rockets playoff gm has been replaced by reruns of "HOUSTON LAYUP DRILL" sitcom. Laugh track included. #LALHOU

Lakers PG Jordan Farmar appears on Staples floor in uniform, no less; I guess we can cancel that "missing persons" report after all. #LALHOU

@Broward83 Agree that Kobe trying to beat HOU 1-on-5 isn't Lakers' best chance 2 win, although he can keep it close by himself. #LALHOU

Speaking of the long-lost Farmar, he used to be the guy that would end quarters with dagger shots for #Lakers. Deja vu's fine w/ me. #LALHOU


Speaking of suit,RT @jadande: Craig Sager told me his outfit's Butterfinger. I told him Chic-o-stix. He suggested orange creamsicle. #LALHOU

Dear Mr. Ref, please don't wait to see if Yao misses the dunk before u decide to bail him out. May have been-just call it on time. #LALHOU

Kobe, that was a bad shot. Just kick the stinking ball out & get it right back if you're determined to shoot off that inbounds pass. #LALHOU

Great lob from Odom to Gasol on the pick n' roll. The more the bigs are involved, the easier Kobe's "Closer/Mamba" job will be. #LALHOU

RT @Broward83 "Tyler Perry must be stopped...him and Frank Caliendo." Personally, I'm more worried about stopping Yao @ the moment:) #LALHOU

It's the Kobe/Artest battle we've been waiting for...and Bryant immediately scores to pull the #Lakers within a point. Great move. #LALHOU

The Lakers are ahead! The Lakers ar... The Lakers WERE ahead! The Lakers WERE...Definition of "short-lived" after Artest jumper . #LALHOU

LA's down four with approx. 7 mins to play. Good news: at this point in BOS, Celtics were still down 20 or so. Lots of time. #LALHOU

About time for Lakers fans to start getting seriously concerned. If LAL has some championship-level defense, I'd love to see it now. #LALHOU

Which will end first, the #Lakers #Rockets playoff game or the Yankees-Sox rain-delayed baseball game? #LALHOU

Um, I don't think Odom's foot came down out of bounds. Think that play might come back to haunt the Lakers tonight? #nba #playoffs #LALHOU

Yao's grabbing his knee...wow, that's not a good thing. #LALHOU

This series might have changed in the worst possible way for every NBA fan...hopefully just a bruise from Kobe & Yao banging knees? #LALHOU

This is the difference between watching game in the arena and watching it from a living rm in Ohio...no idea what's going on w/ Yao. #LALHOU

Kudos to the Lakers fans who cheered Yao as he came back out of tunnel. That's classy-and I hope he's OK, even if it means HOU wins. #LALHOU

RT @pete_lares: "willis reed ...err... yao ming walking back to the #rockets bench." #LALHOU

Gotta love the Lakers fans finally cheering for defense (or anything, really) once it's down to the last 4 mins of a close game. #LALHOU

Remember a little bit ago when I said the Lakers' hopes rested on outside shooters? Ariza misses, Fish misses, 2-13 as a team now. #LALHOU

Lakers down double-digits, and the home team's hopes are on life support. #LALHOU Sure, take down Artest & rip rebound away. That's legal.

Officiating at this point isn't very consistent either way, but doesn't really matter...looks like too little, too late for Lakers. #LALHOU

One team is making free throws. One isn't. Hint: the team that's winning is making. Stunner, huh? #LALHOU

Not a lot of tweeting at crunch time b/c it's not close enough to bother. #LALHOU Maybe that will change? About as unlikely as FILL IN BLANK

Which would be a bigger shocker? Lakers coming back at this point or Celts coming back from 28 down in 2nd half or whatever it was? #LALHOU

And it's official: Lakers learn hard way that giving up 100 in playoffs isn't good enough defense to win: even some boos @ Staples. #LALHOU

Thanks for tuning in during this live-Twitter event; look for more analysis from Bleacher Report writer Tim Cary by following www.Twitter.com/TimCary.

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